German Political Fight Club: Merkel and Steinbrück

This week’s political fight club is located in Germany where Angela Merkel, current champ and Chancellor of Germany, is fighting contender Peer Steinbrück. Last week the two met for a televised political debate.

Merkel has Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and sun in emotional Cancer with moon in hyper-rational Aquarius.

Steinbrück has Mercury, Mars and sun in Capricorn, the sign opposite Merkel’s Cancer. His moon is either in Leo or Virgo, but I’m guessing from the descriptions of his personality and lack of Leo mane, that moon is in Virgo.

Aquarius moon or Virgo moon – which is more rational?

I’ll let the debate reign as I move on.

Looking at the last four German Chancellors, including Merkel, the moon signs have been air or Virgo. We might conclude that the Germans like their politicians served cold – rational and logical.

What’s not to love in a rational person? Whenever I meet a truly rational person, who I believe is a rarity, I run up and give them a hug.

Mother or Father

Merkel’s sun sign (Cancer) represents personal consciousness while Steinbrück’s sun sign (Capricorn) represents social consciousness.

Cancer and Capricorn are also seen as the mother-father axis respectively, although some astrologers disagree and have flipped those roles. Or maybe those roles are so flipped and flexible in our Western world that assigning motherhood and fatherhood no longer applies?

The transiting Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn will illuminate and heighten the natural opposition that occurs between these two. While Merkel is associated with austerity, by personality Steinbrück is the more austere.


Steinbrück has only one planet in water – Jupiter in Scorpio – which is current being aspected by transiting Saturn in Scorpio. If there is any compassion in Steinbrück, it is currently being snuffed out by Saturn. Steinbrück will only feel compassion after he has experienced something and not a moment before.

Three planets in Capricorn, including Mars conjunct sun, make Steinbrück ambitious, shrewd and calculating. He is the quintessential executive, born to be on the top floor of the high rise looking out over the city, planning the lives of those below.

Steinbrück’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction suggests lack of confidence when forced to stand on personality alone. Leo is the actor and Capricorn is the businessman. Confidence for Capricorn comes from its success, not simply from its presence. This is a man who probably dreams about being in public naked and embarrassed.

Virgo moon is anxious, obsessive-compulsive and hypochondriac. Capricorn and Virgo combined make a very practical person who lies in bed and thinks about organizing the file cabinet. Steinbrück is probably an awesome chess player or player of some other game of strategy. He may fall asleep thinking about his next move in a virtual chess game.


Merkel is the emotional antenna, not an unimportant quality in politics. Her rational Aquarius moon aside, Cancer has its feelings hurt easily – even from a thought passing through in the breeze.

That rational, fixed sign moon in Aquarius has served Merkel well as she’s considered quite a toughie. While the public might disagree, astrologically compared to Steinbrück she’s practically a teddy bear. She can, at least, understand how other beings feel.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer will probably treat Merkel well this year. She will feel a sense of belonging from her immediate environment. Her partnerships may suffer in the face of group demands. But that won’t matter too much because Cancer swims in the pool of shared group emotional experience.

If Merkel does retain her post, as the news articles suggest she might, there may be something nostalgic that she does to celebrate. Like earth signs, Cancer has its rituals but those rituals involve threads that tie people together, not empty rituals as habit.

Cancer also likes to cook so I’m imagining if Merkel wins, she will host a huge banquet of some sort.

September 22

Merkel and Steinbrück face off on September 22 as the sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra.

Twenty-nine degrees of Virgo suggests there will be some nitpicking over the results, like there will be issues about details of the election.

Whatever discrepancy occurs, it shouldn’t last long as the sun enters peace-loving Libra and moves toward both Merkel’s and Steinbrück’s natal Neptunes in Libra.

Merkel and Steinbrück will make peace, of the rational kind.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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