The Abbott of Australia

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A Scorpio sun coupled with an Aries moon makes for an extremely competitive, lusty and self-absorbed individual. It’s the perfect blend of serious intensity and irrational passion that’s the basic ingredient of a religious or political zealot.

Let me introduce Australia’s new Prime Minister elect, Tony Abbott.

Abbott’s first order of business, I’m reading, is to clamp down on refugees.

So what percent of Australia’s population, then, is returning to England?

Abbott has both Saturn and Venus in the sign of the traveler and foreigner – Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius suggests Abbott’s early upbringing did not contain a wide-lens world view. But that Venus in the same sign makes me wonder if there wasn’t a little love affair with someone exotically foreign, someone off limits.

Wikipedia states that Abbott had a girlfriend who became pregnant when he was 19. Was this girlfriend from a different background? A race, creed, style, color, smell or fabric that was different than the Abbott Family?

More, please. Inquiring minds must know.

Abbott has Jupiter and Mars in the passive, charming Libra. If I were an evil astrologer (and I swear I’m not), I would warn Abbott’s foes that when he is most charming is when you are in trouble. Big trouble.

Many moons ago I formed the idea that when Libra acts in control, it’s usually not but when it acts innocent, be warned that a plan is afoot. Don’t let Libra’s country bumpkin smile mislead you into thinking that he’s harmless.

All signs, remember, have their means of surviving.

Abbott’s Scorpio and Aries are instinctive survivors. They will fight you to get the last roll at the dinner table. And you will have your face pushed into the gravy just so that you are aware you have been trumped.

Instinctive intuitive powers are what make Scorpio, for me, one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. But that instinctive nature is also frightening because it can’t be reasoned with. When Abbott’s face is red, just stop talking. Reason has flown the coop and everyone is out to get him.

If I were an evil astrologer (as I mentioned, I’m not), I’d suggest Abbott’s closest advisors pretend to be like Abbott in personality since his personality is the best, if you get my drift. Remember what I said about reason?

The Political Landscape

Abbott has become Prime Minister as transiting Saturn is nearing a conjunction with his natal sun. Abbott clearly understands the responsibility that the role entails and is not winning under a delusional aspect.

With Scorpio, however, one wonders who is behind the scenes. Scorpio is the sign of others money, intimacy and giving a piece of ourselves away.

What did Abbott give in order to receive the Prime Minister-ship?

In exactly one year, Saturn will be conjunct Abbott’s natal Mercury in Scorpio. That will be a time to focus on what Abbott does not say rather than what he does say. During the next year, transiting Saturn will be sandwiched between Abbott’s natal sun and Mercury.

Saturn in between your sun and Mercury is like having a sore throat. You have a lot you want to say, but talking hurts.

While Saturn is contracting both Abbott’s speech and other organs ruled by Scorpio (you’ll have to look it up – this is a family blog), volatile Uranus has been bouncing on Abbott’s already volatile moon in Aries.

When Uranus began its seven-year transit of Aries, uprisings started all through the hot Middle East. Those with Aries moon, like Abbott, are having similar hot emotional uprisings.

It’s a good thing Abbott is athletic as sports are the most socially acceptable way in which to express Aries and Mars energy. Road rage, on the other hand, is considered an unacceptable means to express Mars.

Uranus today is currently trine Abbott’s Uranus in Leo. He’s full of energy. No one will have to wake this man up – he won’t oversleep. He’s too energized to sleep.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer is trine his sun, so for the next year he will feel loved. When Jupiter enters Leo next year, Abbott will feel another influx of energy that causes edginess which fights with and incites others.

Aries loves to incite others; fairly lives for it, so if you feel Abbott is a pistol now, next year will be even more crazy.

I can’t wait.

Abbott’s Septembers look like this:

September 2013 to September 2014, ramp up, energy. Not too much opposition.

September 2014 to September 2015, wild and wacky ideas with crazy arguments.

September 2015 when Jupiter enters Virgo opposition becomes fierce. In January 2016, Abbott will have his second Saturn return and will face energy of “foreignness” and “differentness.”


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