The Accidental Mars, Jupiter and Uranus

Nicole Kidman and I have something in common. Before you write to OHA, you’ll need to know that it’s not height, looks or money that we have in common.

What we do have in common is a recent bike accident event.

Kidman and I are only six months apart in age, so will have similar outer planet placements. That means, dear readers, that if you are Kidman’s age, you might want to be a little bit careful right now.

On last week’s Cosmic Conference Radio show, astrologer Mark Metheny pointed out that those of Kidman’s age, with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo, often have accidents when the sun is in Virgo (end of August to mid September).

Uranus – now that’s what I associate with accidents.

And there are a few accidents showing up in the news involving bikes, trains, buses, amusement park rides and other moving vehicles. But they involve more than 40-50 year olds.

Looking at my own accident, I noticed that Mars was exactly conjunct my Jupiter. Kidman’s accident, where a biking paparazzi ran into her, also occurred with Mars conjunct her Jupiter, which didn’t occur for a couple weeks after mine due to her Jupiter being in a different sign (Leo) than my own (Cancer).

Mars conjunct Jupiter – let’s discuss.

Mars and Jupiter

Let’s start at the beginning -mythology. Today’s source is Encyclopedia Mythica.

Mars is best known as the god of war, but Encyclopedia Mythica notes that he was the “god of spring, growth in nature, and fertility, and the protector of cattle.” Originally Mars was an earth god.

Prior to his war god-ship, Mars was the god of death. That role seems to have been usurped by mythical Pluto. Pluto as a planet wasn’t discovered until 1930. Today Pluto has been demoted from planethood by astronomers, but not astrologers. That’s because astrologers know you shouldn’t upset Pluto . . .

Mars was the son of Jupiter and Juno. Juno appears to have been a special protector and counselor of the state while her hubby, Jupiter, was head honcho of the gods, the “supreme god of the Roman pantheon.”

Mars and Jupiter traveling arm-in-arm ought to bestow upon one an abundance of energy.

This abundance of energy might be the root cause of the accident problem. Does the god of war worry about stubbing his toe? Does the supreme god worry about catching a cold while climbing to his seat on the top of the mountain?

What’s called bravado takes a lot of Mars and Jupiter energy. Because of that bravado, websites and Robert Hand’s “Planets in Transit” are telling me, accidents can result through lack of perceived risk.

Mars and Jupiter together are too much, too extreme in the element in which they are placed. That element might go into the overbearing portion of its nature.

What comes to mind is Ricky Gervais’ character in The Office when he’s at the office party and begins to tell a joke involving the queen’s family and body parts. The minute he begins telling the joke, you know he should stop.

In Gervais’ version of The Office, I often feel the embarrassment the character is too delusional to feel. I want to yell “stop.” It’s a Mars conjunct Jupiter feeling.

Gervais has Mars conjunct Uranus in Leo. Gervais’ “accidents” are of the Leo, center-of-attention, proud kind. His Jupiter is opposite in Aquarius, but not in an opposing degree. Still, Jupiter is across the pond from his Mars and Uranus and combined with these two planets, makes for someone who says things that make you go “stop.”


Uranus, the god of the skies, is the planet I associate with accidents. Mythical Uranus was castrated by his son Cronus (Saturn). Cronus was later overthrown by his own children.

Uranus in pure form feels accidental in that it is sudden. Mars accidents, by contrast, happen when you are being aggressive. If you are tailing a slow driver and the driver hits the breaks, you have some blame.

Mars is also athletic and accidents will occur in the lives of athletes who must stretch physical boundaries.

Uranus, on the other hand, is the seemingly random series of events that leads to unusual situations, which can include accidents. Unlike Mars and Jupiter, Uranus often has put you in the path of an accident for a reason.

Roger O. Thornhill (ROT) in the Hitchcock thriller “North by Northwest” has a Uranus experience. He waves his hand for the waiter and suddenly is involved in a spy chase across the US. Notice his initials are ROT which suggests Uranus unusual and sudden events pull us out of ruts or rots.

Uranus is pulling you, the stuck pebble in the stream, down stream, with the flow, to the source (it’s the end and beginning).

Accidents and Phoenix Rising

Back in the late 1980s as I began exploring astrology and other “new age” topics, I happened upon Mary Summer Rain’s “Phoenix Rising” which makes predictions for the future.

Predictions, of course, are as common as economic forecasts or your mother telling you to wear a jacket because it’s cold – uninteresting information that is easy to ignore.

Yet as life has unfolded for me, I have picked up this book throughout the years. I have picked it up again at the beginning of August as I watched another train accident (prior to my own Mars conjunct Jupiter aspect).

If I understand the work correctly, Phoenix Rising is transformational energy manifesting which corresponds to but is not the cause of many earth changes. The timing of those changes is not revealed, but I’m guessing we’re closing in upon it.

In addition to the very common prediction of natural disasters, there are predictions of a housing market collapse, strikes and strange accidents.

The book is written in dialogue form with author Mary Summer Rain talking to her Indian mentor No Eyes.

In location 738 of the Kindle version, No Eyes, who is not a native English speaker by the way, says, “Trains not safe! Many bad, bad accidents with trains gonna go on.”

Mary then asks about out all forms of transportation from planes, to bikes, to walking. No Eyes suggests all will be bad. With no means of transportation available Mary asks why all forms of transportation are so dangerous.

The answer lies in what No Eyes calls Earth Watchers who have “always favorably interfered with accidents . . .”

So why then can’t we earthlings simply pay more attention to prevent our own accidents?

Mary recollects the answer her teacher provided in the past – accidents occur because of the gross unawareness in man’s conscious mind. We earthlings, according to the book, are being made aware of how careless we’ve been all along.

“People too busy for time,” No Eyes says when Mary suggests we can simply be more careful. “They in much hurry all times. People no make important time for aware stuff. They too lazy for that.”

From experience, I can tell you that when you have an accident, you will have more time for “aware stuff” than you would like.

I think it’s that time.

Astrologically, I think it’s the Mars/Jupiter that creates personal accidents due to unawareness and sense of thrill, exuberance or simply feeling in control because you’ve taken this risk in the past. Uranus causes trans-personal accidents and incidents that set you, and others, on a new path.

The Phoenix Rising backdrop of our larger, global accident-prone state seems to be the Pluto (in Capricorn)/Uranus (in Aries) square. Pluto and Uranus are powerful gods teaching important lessons. The friction of entire nations is palpable. Accidents are the Greek Chorus singing at the back of the stage.

Nicole Kidman

So what can you or I or Nicole Kidman do?

In addition to simply being more careful, we’ll have to consult our individual guides for higher answers.

From an astrological point of view, Kidman must maintain her conscious vigilance through the end of October. Mars will be in Leo until that time. The biker might be back.

Mars in Leo for Kidman activates a natal grand fire trine – Jupiter/Venus in Leo, moon in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aries. Fire is not known for caution.

Grand fire is just what it sounds like – a raging inferno of energy. That’s fine stuff for an actress but can cause difficulty at home. Remember your mom and dad telling you not to play with matches?

Saturn is transiting Scorpio right now and is soon to square Kidman’s Venus in Leo. If Kidman is trying to have another baby, she may be unsuccessful. Hopefully the bike accident didn’t interfere with anything of that nature.

Using the Astrotheme horoscope for Kidman, Jupiter transiting Cancer is in her ninth house of travel. In Cancer, far away places are “home” but I’m wondering if Kidman isn’t having some major homesickness right now.

The articles state Kidman bounced back quickly from her bike hit, even put her heels back on. Fire signs do that – bounce back, dust themselves off and start all over again.

But Kidman might still want to have any injuries checked out.

At our age, you must.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to The Accidental Mars, Jupiter and Uranus

  1. Buckshot says:

    Back in the days when I was watching apparent effects of
    transits to the natal charts of racing greyhounds, a 2 degree
    or less conjunction by T -Mars to N- Jupiter seemed to
    be pretty relevant. Jupiter presumably represents the
    luck, sense of over-optimism and urge to be comfortable
    being jabbed by outside energy and action. Sometimes
    the Jupiter optimism seemed to be joyfully energized
    and an unusually good run stimulated. However, Most of
    the time Jupiter’s comfort zone appeared to be overrun
    or cuffed aside by a rowdy opponent. Either way, it
    does not seem to be a benign aspect and deserves

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