“Al Pacino!”

Last night, I dreamed of Al Pacino, that he was at our family house and my family liked him because, like Pacino, we have Italian blood. It was a little odd because I’m not really a Pacino fan – don’t dislike him but he’s not one of those actors who’s movies I must see just to look at him (like, say, George Clooney).

Then when reading the news this morning I noticed Pacino is up for an Emmy tonight. Then later I came across one of his movies on DVD.

You know the rule – three times a sighting in one day and you must blog on the subject.

It could be that Pacino’s image bored its way into my subconscious after seeing “Saturday Night Fever” earlier this summer. My first viewing of it in 30 years, I’d forgotten much of the movie including the scene where our main character, played by John Travolta, has a poster (do they still make posters?) of Pacino on his wall. Travolta looks at the poster and yells, “Al Pacino.”

“Al Pacino!”

Al Pacino

Not having Pacino’s horoscope in my database, I swung over to Astrotheme. The first thing I noticed is that Pacino was born just nine days after my late mother.


Now it’s all making sense. My family is Italian, Pacino is Italian, capisce?

Maybe like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the Italians should have Six Degrees of Al Pacino. I haven’t traced it yet, but maybe, quite possibly, Pacino is a relative.

I’d better work on my lasagna recipe before he comes for dinner.

According to the Astrotheme horoscope, Pacino has sun in Taurus conjunct Saturn, Leo rising and moon in Sagittarius.

Pacino’s sun and Saturn are square the Leo rising.

It’s an interesting chart. It’s filled with air and fire, including Mars and Venus conjunct in Gemini, but then has that solid, steady Taurus sun with the restrictive, cautious Saturn hanging about tethering it to the ground with iron shackles.

Then there’s Uranus, also in Taurus, saying “break down the house you built with your own hands.”

Sagittarius moon is gregarious and reckless with no less than one bad habit. Sagittarius and Taurus combined seeks both physically-stimulating and mind-altering sensations.

Pot-laced brownies were probably invented by a Sagittarius moon seeking enlightenment with a Taurus sun seeking a really hearty dessert item.

What other combination would think to combine mommy’s after-school treat with a psychotropic ingredient?

Saturn conjunct sun suggests Pacino is cautious before jumping off of cliffs. It also suggests a strong father figure who probably said things like, “Become an actor? Are you nuts?”

Luckily for us and Pacino, Sagittarius moon listens to no one but the sirens of the sea, the echo of the moon and the whisper of a lover. Sometimes those whispers take us into dark corners.

The Emmys and Beyond

Tonight Pacino is up for an Emmy for his portrayal of Phil Spector, of both music and murder fame.

Will he win?

Tonight’s moon in Taurus sandwiched between his sun and Uranus bodes well for an Emmy win. Also Mars in Leo is in his first house which brings a lot of energy and attention.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer is in Pacino’s 12th house of hidden matters. The hidden matters involve family. Transiting Saturn and Venus are in Scorpio, opposite Pacino’s Taurus planets and in the 4th house of . . . family.

There are some family concerns bothering Pacino right now, including issues of finances (Scorpio) and past (12th house). Transiting Neptune in his 8th house of finances confirms money issues of a dubious sort.

Since Pacino has Pluto in the natal 12th house, there are some major issues with authority figures of his early environment, again, most likely an overly strong and dominant father.

Taking a glance at Pacino’s Wikipedia entry, it seems that he had difficult relationships with both parents. If he wins tonight, I’m guessing he will thank a family member. If he does, we’ll know who that Saturn/Pluto character is.

With the transiting moon near his natal Uranus, I’m guessing that Pacino will have some surprises for us tonight whether he wins or not. Transiting Mercury in Libra is conjunct his north node in the 3rd house of communications and opposite Jupiter in Aries (natal Mercury is also in Aries but in the early degrees – think of his yelling in Dog Day Afternoon).

Pacino has something to say and I think we’re in for some surprises from him tonight.



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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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