Barack Obama’s nosey Gemini moon

Back in kindergarten, we played a game called telephone line. The teacher had the 30 of us sit in a circle. The first child whispered something into the ear of the person next to him/her. Then that child did the same until we got to the last person.

If you know the game, the first child says something like “I got a robot for Christmas” and the last child hears “I ate a corndog at the fair.”

What was the moral of that exercise?

I think it was to tell us not to believe gossip. The sub-context lesson was that our fellow men are unreliable deliverers of accurate information.

Think about this, my friends, as you read Facebook and Twitter.


The astrological deliverer of information is Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini but your Mercury may be in any one of the 12 signs (but is either in your sun sign, the sign before or sign after due to Mercury being so close to the sun).

Mercury is the messenger, not the message.

So in our kindergarten telephone circle, each child is Mercury. The sign in which Mercury is placed describes how “I got a robot for Christmas” becomes “I ate a corndog at the fair.”

“I got a robot for Christmas” might have been Mercury in Sagittarius excitement. The next child, with Mercury in Virgo, probably received and delivered the message perfectly. The next child, however, with Mercury in Leo was taking a mental trip to sub-Saharan Africa to hunt lions and wasn’t paying attention. In order not to embarrass himself, he passed on a different, but colorful story based on remembering the word “Christmas” – “Santa eats corndogs at my house at Christmas.”

Understanding the message “I ate a corndog at the fair” is a Sagittarian affair, Sagittarius being the opposite of Gemini.

Sagittarius, then, has a mean task in understanding human communications and the meaning behind it. Is there truly meaning in “I ate a corndog at the fair?”


Gemini and Virgo are both “ruled” by Mercury, but Gemini is the purest form.

Gemini is the messenger, not the message. Gemini is each of the 30 kids whispering in each other’s ears. Gemini is the Facebook and Twitter feed. Gemini is your telephone, iPhone and iPad. Gemini is the chalk-scrawled message on the sidewalk. Gemini is a post-it note on your cubicle wall. Gemini is a letter.

Those with lots of Gemini in the horoscope, then, are looking for messages.

Messages, of course, are important and are stimulation that can lead to action. Messages about danger keep us safe. Messages about what others are doing keeps us stimulated.

This Mercury-fueled need for stimulation is why the sign of Gemini makes such a good journalist. They are looking for information to whisper into your ear. A Gemini with no information to transmit is a very bored and sad Gemini.

Looking for information to transmit also brands one as nosey or a gossip.

Gossip, then, could be branded a sub-set of journalism, a type of personal-environment journalism. Work environments and family environments are two of the primary breeding grounds of personal-environment journalism.

Barack Obama’s Gemini moon

This morning while reading the BBC mobile site, the first story had a lovely picture of US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a close hand shake, hug, peck-on-the-cheek, lovey-dovey moment.

Here’s a link to the Internet site story. The picture is different.

The accompanying story, however, was about US spying on Merkel.

As an aside, pictures are pure Pisces and I love, absolutely love, how the Piscean picture does its subconscious attacking while the words can be so Gemini matter-of-fact. The picture says, “I love you” and the subsequent news story says, “I don’t trust you and I’m spying on you.”

US spying on our political friends certainly didn’t begin with the Obama administration. But a man with a moon in Gemini certainly wouldn’t turn off the tap of information on a friend or foe.

Now I’ve mentioned Mercury, but what happens when the information-gathering sign of Gemini is the moon’s sign?

The moon is our reactive, compulsive nature. The moon is where you go for comfort and is the habit you can’t control.

Obama’s Gemini is compulsive, a need to find information to transmit. As such, Gemini moon is seen as constantly changing, one day this, one day that, escaping when life is too boring. Gemini moon doesn’t sit at home. Gemini moon is not routine.

The BBC article, then, is a perfect moon in Gemini story on a moon in Gemini – the picture says one thing, the story says another about a man they are accusing of saying one thing and doing another.


While writing a blog on the financial changes that occurred in the US in 1913, I realized that what really changed was not financial, but in the realm of communication. (I’m always looking for financial decisions to be based on earth-sign energy – I need to give this up.)

In 1913 we were in the process of developing radio and telephone communication. Back to that kindergarten room – what changed in 1913 is that we gathered in the room. Prior to that, we lived on farms far away from each other and could not whisper in each other’s ears.

Radio and telephone made the circle possible so now the message could move.

The current digital communication revolution (ruled by air sign Aquarius) simply makes it all more immediate and broad. With Facebook and Twitter, I now get to hear each one of those children’s whispered messages.

Does that help or hurt our communications? Now we know Johnny got a robot for Christmas, Susie went to the fair and Bobby likes corndogs.

Some complain that hearing the minute-by-minute mundane activities of another’s life is overwhelming. Yet which of us has given up putting our ear out for the whisper?

Today’s ability to listen in on European rulers such as Merkel has given Gemini moon Obama his compulsive drug of choice – information and gossip.

If one of the media outlets decided to put a few Merkel mobile phone transcripts out there, would you be interested to hear what they contain?

Since the creation of radio and telephone, we’ve become both informed about what we need to know and also more nosey about our neighbors.

Many are asking Obama to stop being nosey. But how can we ask our President to stop the need for constant information about his surroundings when we all do the same each day?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to Barack Obama’s nosey Gemini moon

  1. Buckshot says:

    If we were all still so naive as to think the president wanted the information to
    make sure he could fulfill his oath of office, most likely we wouldn’t care if he
    spied on us and made a permanent record of everything he found. Many of
    us are now pretty sure his Mussolini poses go along with less benevolent

    Speaking of Mercury, are you acquainted with this ingenious character – ?

    Off hand, the most remarkable thing about his chart I see is the closest Sun –
    Mercury conjunction I can recall ever running across …. in Cardinal Air,
    Noon chart:

    • I’d never heard of him. I see he has a Cancer moon and talks about how we all want to be connected. He’s comfortable in the universe – I like that.

      What do you think of Mercury trine Uranus? How does that play out?

      • Buckshot says:

        It’s a sextile, but Uranus is always Aquarius and v/v, and Uranus IS trine Saturn (both rule Aquarius) and if you want to stretch a point, both are trine the south node and you have a sort of grand trine in fire there …. which brings the magical Sun/Mercury conjunction to a slightly skewed tip-top of a Kite formation… all of which seems to encourage the professor to be a natural whiz at
        Aquarian things like creative interpretation of new frontiers and beyond, mathematics & space science. Air is probably the scholar, Fire the teacher. Mars in Gemini (Mercury) square Pluto and quincunx the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction likely gives him some trouble but he seems to work around it ok. I don’t know, I’m not an astrologer.

      • “I”m not an astrologer.” LOL.

  2. Buckshot says:

    OK, I used to have a few books. I too cut it mostly to Sakoian. Mainly, I just look at natals and
    transits and am heavy on natal configuration and formations. Seems relevant, sometimes.

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