Janet Yellen – Goddess of Money

Money is an interesting idea. It’s an idea, by the way, not a thing – at least not in the US right now.

The US money supply is created in the same way that “instant water” is created. Just add water. Money is created by adding money.

What’s enjoyable about the idea of money, to me, is that it demonstrates in a spiritual way how ideas support our shared existence. In Carlos Castenada terms, we’re sharing the same dream, in this case a dream of money. And that dream creates our highways and houses and moves corn from Iowa to just about every food product you eat (corn syrup).


The entity that creates money in the US is called the Federal Reserve. The person who heads that entity is called the Chairman. We may be choosing a new title, by the way, as the person currently nominated to head the Federal Reserve is not a man.

So if you are the head of the Federal Reserve, you get to create money. That’s very powerful. If we were in Ancient Greece, we might call the head of the Federal Reserve the “God of Money.”

But we don’t believe in myths, right?

Janet Yellen

Call me an earth sign – an earth sign with second house sun (which rules assets, property and one’s own money) – because I still think of money in an old-fashioned, literal way.

It goes like this. If I have $100 and spend $105, I have no money. Yet this idea became VERY old-fashioned during the last decade. My second house sun, however, continues to whisper in my ear that one day we must pay the piper with things that we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

So when I look at the charts of those involved in finance, I’m always searching wistfully for that Taurus moon, the grand earth trine, that hovering Saturn, that rational Aquarius . . .

In bankers what I find is the competitive Aries and Mars.

I don’t find a strong Aries or Mars presence in Janet Yellen, the current nominee for head of the Federal Reserve. But she definitely is powerful.

Without time of birth, we know that Yellen has almost all air and fire in her horoscope. The moon is either in hyper-rational Aquarius or imaginative Pisces.

Yellen is a dramatic, regal and beauty-seeking mix of Leo and Libra. Yellen has four planets in Leo (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and sun) and four planets in Libra (Mars, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter).

Uranus is in Gemini and moon either in Aquarius or Pisces.

There is no earth.

I would love to know Yellen’s time of birth for rising sign.

My second house sun is once again disappointed that the head of the money is not what you’d call frugal and has no earth-sign grounding. Leo and Libra combined are exquisitely elegant. My second-house sun wouldn’t mind being invited over for dinner however . . .

Yellen likes her personal self and all surroundings to be beautiful, balanced and inspiring. Your problems do not exist simply because problems are ugly. Pretend that your life and its problems were an indie flick or colorfully illustrated in a comic book.

That’s what Yellen does.

If you work for Yellen as an interior decorator, gardener or personal shopper (which I’m guessing she has), you have both the nightmare and dream job. It’s a nightmare because you never get it quite right. It’s a dream job because you get to spend time in lavish surroundings. Yellen will not send you to the thrift store and will not ask you to buy her new wallpaper at Walmart.

The combination of Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and sun all in Leo adds a controlling element to a sign that, sure, is strong and self-centered, but isn’t normally manipulative. Add a dose of Saturn and Pluto, however, and you’d better be sharing Yellen’s dramatic and exaggerated view of the situation or you’re out. “Follow or get out of the way” is the thought here. Yellen is leading.

Don’t track mud into Yellen’s world, literally or figuratively. Negative, ugly, depressing, toxic and limiting ideas are all out.

Now with a Pisces moon, this all gets worse. With an Aquarius moon, Yellen will have self-control and you may not know this is what’s going on.

The first clue you’ve brought an ugly or unseemly situation to light is that you will be left out of the next invite. In public, however, you will be treated with the same regal bearing that is bestowed on others.

Saturn conjunct Mercury in Leo brings the ideal public speaker – confident, exuberant, clear and optimistic yet authoritative.

Leo and Libra energy combined is also quite romantic. This is a combination that is in love with love. Is there some poetry in that old cabinet drawer?

I’m sure there are more than a few love letters tucked beneath lingerie purchased in Paris.

If I were an evil astrologer (and I swear I’m not), I would suggest to those dealing with Yellen to make all contacts appear as courtship with Yellen as the object of affection. Don’t hesitate to flatter her appearance or style. Rational, but somewhat purple, prose is in order.

The Goddess of Money

The Federal Reserve is more than a bank which must balance its books. As the creator of money that is the world’s reserve currency, the Chair of the Federal Reserve is a very powerful individual on this planet right now.

The personally powerful Yellen should be able to manage this powerful position. While she may have Mars conjunct Venus in Libra which can let down its guard in the face of charm, she does carry Pluto and Saturn near her sun. You don’t mess with Pluto and Saturn, especially together.

It may be an especially important time for the Federal Reserve as America experiences a material evolution.

In Greek mythology, Pluto is the God of Wealth. While researching whether there is a goddess of wealth, I stumbled across Eirene (Irene).

Eirene is the Goddess of Peace. She is seen in this statute holding Pluto in her arms (picture from journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com).


This mythological image is quite perfect. Yellen already holds Pluto in her arms astrologically and may soon hold the world’s Pluto in her arms.

Will she also bring peace?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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