The $10 Woman

At the end of the last Republican Presidential debate on September 16, the moderator asked a couple fun questions including one about the $10 bill. The moderator said that earlier this year the Treasury announced it would put a woman on the $10 bill and asked each candidate to choose a woman for that honor.

First, the statistics. Out of 11 candidates, six unique women were chosen (54.5% response). If we kick out two women who were not born in the United States (assuming that is criteria for being on the nation’s currency), then the total is four (36.4% response). If we knock out one more pick because she’s already on currency (Susan B. Anthony), then we have a new total of three (27.3% response).

The one woman on stage, Carly Fiorina, indicated that she’d leave all the bills as is and focus on women receiving equal pay and reaching their potential.

Of course I’d like to chide the men on stage for not having a powerful, historical woman top-of-mind. But if you’d asked me (a female), I would have been hard-pressed, too, to come up with a quick answer. The women that do immediately come to mind such as Victoria Woodhull (who ran for president in 1870) and Margaret Sanger (who championed for birth control) would be way too controversial to be on currency.

Thinking of my choices, I realized there are plenty of women in history who challenged and/or moved humanity forward but were entirely ignored during my high school education. Most of the men on stage are older than me so they may also have been denied learning the glory of women’s achievements.

Good luck Hillary and Carly.

The Picks

Here are the women chosen for the $10 bill in the order of the answers, which is important as one woman was chosen three times.

Rand PaulSusan B. Anthony (nice pick, but she’s already on a $1 coin)

Mike Huckabee – His wife

Marco RubioRosa Parks

Ted Cruz – Rosa Parks or his mother

Ben Carson – His mother

Donald Trump – His daughter or Rosa Parks

Jeb BushMargaret Thatcher (British born)

Scott WalkerClara Barton

Carly Fiorina – no pick

John KasichMother Teresa (Macedonian born)

Chris ChristieAbigail Adams

Moon Aspects

Traditionally the aspects to the moon indicate one’s relationship with women (regardless of your own gender). The moon is your reactive, unconscious nature as opposed to the sun which is your active, conscious nature.

Venus can also indicate relationship with women in a man’s chart, but Venus is more about pleasure and the seeking of ideal. Venus is the woman you want; the moon is the woman you get. Hopefully your Venus and moon are in positive aspect so that what you want and what you get are in harmony.

My own “mark of a politician” is a hard aspect (opposition, square) of Pluto and the moon. Pluto is about power, all-consuming power, and in hard aspect to the moon creates a compulsive need to control the environment.

The moon can also represent the mother and moon in hard aspect to Pluto (or in Scorpio) can be the “devouring mother” that astrologer Liz Greene describes. Pleasing (or displeasing) mother is the root of much behavior.

Let’s take a glance at moon placements and aspects for our Republican debaters.

Rand Paul – Moon (in Gemini) square Pluto (in Virgo). Paul also has Saturn conjunct Mercury (which rules Gemini) in Aquarius. Combined, I get the sense that Paul’s speech and ideas were put under intense scrutiny and never adequate enough. Maybe he’s running for president to say, “See, people like my ideas.”

Mike Huckabee – Moon is in Scorpio with a wide square to Saturn. Moon is square Pluto in Leo. Huckabee’s struggle was for intense love and affection. More than seeking power, Huckabee is seeking love.

Marco Rubio – Moon is in Cancer or Leo and is not in hard aspect to Pluto. His moon is pretty free of Saturn (another big heavy) too. Why are you in politics Marco? You seem to have the love and affection you need from the immediate environment. Is that Saturn in Taurus making you feel you have to achieve status for material security?

Ted Cruz – Moon is in Libra with Uranus conjunct. There’s no hard Pluto or Saturn aspect. Uranus conjunct moon describes an unpredictable, impulsive nature. The mother may have been on and off with affection. She may have been fascinating in a number of ways but not “motherly.”

Ben Carson – Moon in Sagittarius is trine (positive aspect) to Pluto but square the sun. Mom and dad didn’t get along with dad as the more demanding parent. Not quite the mark of a politician which is good for daily living but possibly not what Carson would like to hear.

Donald Trump – Moon in Sagittarius trines Pluto but is opposite Uranus, as is Cruz’. Again, unpredictable nature but more apparent here than with the Capricorn-sun Cruz. Trump has Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer also suggesting lack of a “motherly,” nurturing environment.

Jeb Bush – Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Pluto in Leo. This is not a particularly hard aspect, but not soft either. Pluto, however, is opposed Bush’s Aquarius sun. It’s dad here, more than mom, driving the power need. Obvious, I know.

Scott Walker – Moon as well as sun are in Scorpio in positive aspect to Pluto. But Pluto is on top of Venus and Uranus (in Virgo). Lots of power-tripping and need to organize everything. But no matter, Walker has exited the race so he can get back to organizing Wisconsin.

Carly Fiorina – Moon is either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Watching her debate, I’m guessing Capricorn. In Sagittarius, Pluto is trine and in Capricorn, a wide out-of-sign trine or not aspected. In Capricorn the moon would be conjunct Mars which suggests her desire is really competition and proving she can make it to the top. She might want to remember it’s lonely at the top and reconsider.

John Kasich – Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Pluto, which, again, is not too bad or good. As with Fiorina’s potential moon in Capricorn, the desire is to make it to the top by pleasing authority rather than killing the king to take the throne.

Chris Christie – Now’s here’s a power-tripper. Moon in Sagittarius is square Pluto and sun in Virgo in conjunct Pluto. Pluto, Pluto everywhere. Can’t get away from Pluto here.


Now let’s take a quick look at the synastry between the candidate and his choice. Synastry is comparing two charts to see how people get along. Since we don’t have the charts of mothers, daughters and wives, we’ll stick to the six unique picks.

Rand PaulSusan B. Anthony had Mercury, sun and Jupiter in Aquarius which provides strong intellectual capacity, which jives well with Rand’s moon in Gemini. But Rand has Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Anthony’s Mercury so might have tried stifle her speech. Anthony also had moon, Pluto, Venus and Saturn in Pisces, which is very (very) emotional, way too emotional for the Capricorn sun – Gemini moon Rand.

Marco RubioRosa Parks had Uranus, Mercury and sun in Aquarius and would have made a nice intellectual companion for sun-in-Gemini Rubio. Parks’ moon in Capricorn would have been too emotionally distant for the moon in Cancer/Leo Rubio. In a very interesting coincidence, both Parks and Rubio have/had Saturn in 27 degrees of Taurus suggesting physical and financial want. This seems a sincere pick on Rubio’s part.

Jeb BushMargaret Thatcher has Mars, sun and Mercury in Libra which is compatible with Bush’s sun in Aquarius (both air signs). Bush’s Saturn in Libra, though, might have squelched some of her diplomacy. Thatcher’s Jupiter in Capricorn would be admirable to the moon-in-Capricorn Bush. Thatcher’s moon in Leo is near Bush’s Pluto in Leo. Interesting match – some synergy, lots of admiration, a few power struggles.

Scott WalkerClara Barton had Neptune, Uranus, sun and moon in Capricorn. That makes for a very serious personality which is in perfect alignment with Walker’s very serious personality. She had Capricorn seriousness and Walker has Virgo/Scorpio seriousness so their seriousnesses cover the entire spectrum of gravity. Barton also had Mars in Virgo which energizes Walker’s Virgo. Great synastry, great pick.

John KasichMother Teresa had sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, Saturn and moon in Taurus and Uranus in Capricorn, which is most of the planets and all of the earth signs. Kasich has Jupiter, Venus and sun in Taurus and moon in Capricorn, both earth signs. Together, these two could have conquered the astrological earth (signs). Great synastry. If Kasich doesn’t win the presidency, maybe he can help the poor.

Chris ChristieAbigail Adams had sun barely in Sagittarius and moon in Cancer. She also had Mars and Saturn in Virgo; combined with sun in Sagittarius creates brash and critical speech. The sun in Virgo, moon in Sagittarius Christie is a time-warp soul mate. Adams had Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (and Jupiter in Scorpio too) creating a bit more seriousness to thought and speech than Christie with Mercury in Libra which ultimately tries to please.

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