Jupiter Conjunct Neptune is Coming to Your Neighborhood

While reading a blog on transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune (in Virgo), I realized that there are a finite number of Neptune signs walking the planet. Neptune takes about 164 years to complete a cycle through the zodiac and since the average lifespan is about half of that (or less), natal Neptune in the charts of the living are in about six different signs.

Today, most alive today have Neptune in Cancer to Pisces, although the Neptune in Cancer generation is nearing 100 years old. Neptune in Leo will be the new starting point soon.

In the summer of 2013, Jupiter began transiting Cancer. Jupiter takes a little over a year to transit a sign, unless it goes retrograde (visual backward motion). Jupiter will continue through eight more signs until it finishes a transit of Pisces in 2025 while Neptune is still transiting Pisces (which began in 2011).

In other words, you, me and everyone we know will have a Jupiter transit of our Neptune.

Soon after transiting Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries, transiting Neptune will follow suit and we’ll have a year of individuals born with Jupiter in the same sign as Neptune.

We definitely have Jupiter/Neptune energy to share and in 2025, I’m expecting some major energy shifts. Pluto, with a 248-year cycle, will be changing signs as well – from Capricorn to Aquarius.


This blog’s description of planets, planets in signs and transits is brought to you by The Astrologer’s Handbook by Sakoian and Acker.

According to the handbook, Neptune’s sign:

…indicates the kind of cultural expression manifested by the imaginative and creative faculties of mankind in a give thirteen-year period. The generation that has Neptune in a given sign shares a common spiritual destiny. The intuitive and creative faculties of such a generation will take on the qualities of whichever sign Neptune occupies.

From each sign’s description, I’ll include a brief positive/negative from each description:

Cancer (1901/2 – 1914/16) indicates a generation of people with strong psychic ties to home, family and the earth. The negative side is maudlin sentimentality and an exclusive, emotional attachment to one’s home and country.

Leo (1914/16 – 1928/29) indicates a generation of people with strong musical and artistic talents. The negative side of this can be self-delusion regarding love and courtship.

Virgo (1928/29 – 1942/3) is in its detriment, indicating a generation whose creative, imaginative facilities are thwarted by adverse material circumstances. The negative side is a tendency to psychosomatic illness and excessive emotional preoccupation with inconsequential detail.

Libra (1942/43 – 1955/57) gives the present younger generation (this was written in 1973) an intuitive awareness of social relationships. In its negative manifestation . . .there is an instinct for emotional and social conformity.

Scorpio (1955/57 – 1970) indicates a period of exploitation of man’s natural desires. Many will have clairvoyant abilities and be forced to acknowledge the need for spiritual regeneration. There is much intensity and confusion causing the turmoil of the unconscious to break out in such chaotic artistic phenomenon as rock music.

Sagittarius (1970 – 1984) has brought us into a period when the need for higher spiritual and religious values will find positive expression. The negative expressions are aimless wandering, as among the hippie generation, and fanatical adherence to misguided, impractical religious cults, false prophets, and gurus.

Capricorn (1984 – 2000) indicates a period in which world governments will be in chaos and economic and political structures will be brought to their knees. In order to survive, they will be forced to incorporate spirituality into their practical lives.

Aquarius (2000 – 2011/12) will be a time when enlightened humanitarianism and on science using new technology and new forms of energy. The intuitive, clairvoyant faculties of humanity will be developed, and universal brotherhood will be established in practical reality.

Pisces (2011/12 – 2024/25) will be a time of peace following the beginning of the Aquarian age. This period will provide an opportunity for the unfolding of spiritual faculties and development of exalted forms of music and art; healing will make great strides.

It’s interesting that the authors saw Neptune in Aquarius as heralding the “Age of Aquarius.” Until Aquarius, the authors provide positive and negative perspectives. In Aquarius and Pisces, all is good and peaceful, revealing the hope of the authors.

It’s interesting to see how frequently the future is seen as all good or all bad, while daily life is a constant mixture of qualities. Predicting a future that is the conglomeration of energies we experience every moment is not popular probably because it doesn’t make good narrative story.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Regarding Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Sakoian & Acker describe the “fertile imagination” that can occur during this aspect especially in relation to art, music, philosophy and religion. Heightened sensitivity is indicated but also the possibility of losing contact with reality to live in a world of private fantasy.

My personal twist is that Neptune is where we link to the source which often manifests through art, music, philosophy and religion. Neptune in a sign can indicate where it manifests for a generation. I see our link to the source as an intravenous (IV) tube hooked up to our soul. The problem I perceive in the world is that others want to hook into the IV tube. Our source is direct but gets waylaid by a million images and ideas – marketing. The world is full of “middlemen” who want to feed from your connection.

Jupiter transiting is like adding an extra dose of whatever you have in that intravenous connection. If your Neptune is in Pisces it might be a direct spiritual connection. However, if a planet such as Mercury interferes (opposite, perhaps), then the words of the world confuse that direct connection. Jupiter coming along will expand that conflict.

Jupiter transiting your Neptune will bring out all of the qualities of that Neptune, all of the spirituality, all of the delusion. Figuring out the line between the two is never easy.

Jupiter is coming to your Neptune and your ideals and any conflicts surrounding will rise like a balloon. Will your ideals keep rising, connecting to the source? Or will they pop as delusions created by the interference of marketing?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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