Tom Brady’s Inflation and Deflation

While not in the least a sports fan, news about deflated balls (“Deflategate”) with socially-inflated sports heroes caught my eye. Inflation, deflation – I knew there were great astrological lessons here.

Jupiter rules inflation (expansion and its associated generosity) and Saturn deflation (contraction and its associated frugality). The signs ruled by these planets are Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively. Interestingly, transiting Saturn is passing through Sagittarius now for the next two and a half years so Deflategate themes may be coming to a situation near you.

Inflation and deflation are not positive and negative although traditionally Jupiter was seen a good planet (benefic) and Saturn as bad planet (malefic). If you find a tumor on your leg, would you want inflation or deflation? When you look at your checkbook balance, do you want inflation or deflation? Inflation and deflation are good or bad only in context.

What is Deflategate?

This story explains the controversy:

The controversy began when the New England Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage in the Patriots’ AFC championship victory over the Indianapolis Colts on January 18.[2015]

The underinflation came to light at halftime after a Colts player intercepted a pass and gave the ball to his team’s equipment staff.

The equipment staff discovered the ball was inflated to 11 pounds per square inch, less than the 12.5 to 13.5 psi the NFL allows, the ruling said.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, according to the article, was given a four-game suspension for being “generally aware” of the deflation. This week that ruling was “nullified” by a Federal Judge.

Let’s take a look at what Jupiter and Saturn were up to at the time of the incident through the recent overturning of the suspension.

Tom Brady

According to the Astrotheme horoscope, Brady has sun in fire-sign Leo and moon in fire-sign Aries. Fire is always good for an athlete, especially Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of forward motion and directed action and hence the ruler of athletes. Brady’s Mars is in Gemini suggesting a dual nature and great flexibility in both mind and body.

Where are Jupiter and Saturn? Jupiter is in Gemini, far from Mars but adding additional mental energy that Gemini brings. Saturn is in Leo in a wide conjunction (about eight degrees) from the sun.

Another planet I’d like to bring in to the discussion is Neptune in Sagittarius, which is opposed Mars in Gemini and forms a wide fire trine with Saturn and moon.

The other placements are Pluto in Libra, Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer.

Let’s begin with the sun. I think most of the story is here in how the natal horoscope can bring events into one’s life that mirror those inner energy patterns. Brady’s sun is at 11 degrees of Leo – 11, coincidentally, are the pounds per square inch of the purportedly deflated football.

The sun in Leo is considered an exalted position for the sun. The sun is meant to express, shine and be noticed. This exalted position creates great energy for those born in the sign of Leo which goes by the common name “charisma.” Leo loves to be the center of attention and is often able to find a truly adoring, admiring audience due to its natural warmth. Lots of North and South American rulers were born under this sign.

Even Leo at its most self-absorbed is often forgiven because of its equally strong desire to love and share. Like the sun, Leo is passionate and I think in my lifetime I’ve met only one Leo who didn’t seem to be able to bounce back from adversity.

The twist here is that Saturn is also in the sign of Leo. Saturn in Leo is considered its detriment, a place Saturn doesn’t care to hang out. Why? Leo’s natural exuberance is in contrast to the contracting nature of Saturn.

What Brady has here is an inner “deflategate.” The sun is naturally strong, proud and animated. Saturn near the sun suggests a figure, most likely male, who tried to suppress or control that nature. The controller may also have been an institution of some sort that controlled education or religion and tried to hamper Brady’s natural optimism. For Brady, the natural pride of Leo comes with a little voice that asks, “Why do they really love you?”

Leo can often have an inflated ego creating the natural story teller and actor. Neptune in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries add to the self-promotion contained in the stories of treks up mountains that end in hanging by the root of a tree dangling off a cliff before being saved at the last minute by a blast of wind blowing in the right direction.

In other words, Saturn in Leo cramps Brady’s style and has for a long time. Deflategate may be public, but he’s probably dealt with this before.

On January 18, the date of the game in question, transiting Jupiter was in 20 degrees of Leo, turning backward (called retrograde), at one degree from Brady’s natal Saturn. The forces of inflation and deflation were joining. This may be about a football today; but if you look closely at our relationship to those we exalt, we love to see them fall as much as we love to see them rise. There’s definitely more going on here.

At the time of the January 18 game, transiting Mars and Neptune were in Pisces opposite Brady’s Mercury in Virgo. This doesn’t bode well for the truth being revealed clearly. Virgo detail and accuracy are a bit in contrast to a personality filled with fire. However, Mars and Neptune opposing means external pressure chose to present the facts in misleading ways. There are lots of ways to make facts lie; I know, I’m an analyst.

Fast forward to September 4, 2015 when Brady’s suspension was nullified. At this time, Jupiter had just moved out of Leo and was now at five degrees of Virgo within three degrees of Brady’s natal Mercury in Virgo (at eight degrees). Jupiter, again, provides expansion and in Virgo it’s an expansion of detail and information. Transiting Neptune, however, moved to eight degrees Pisces directly opposite Mercury.

Without following the story at all, the Virgo/Pisces opposition suggests selective information to create image. Neptune is the opposing planet which suggests the people “out there” are doing the story telling. This is also in wide square to natal Mars in Gemini which can turn in any direction when needed.

While Brady has survived “Deflategate” he still carries this contrasting energy of inflation and deflation in his horoscope. If I were a Medieval astrologer, I’d warn Brady not to allow the Neptune in Pisces opposition forces to create misleading stories out of simple facts.

Saturn conjunct one’s sun is never easy because it describes having responsibility heaped on you from a young age. With that sense of responsibility and duty, it can be easy to allow the forces of tradition and structure to control you. But the control, especially for a Leo sun, can drain life energy and enthusiasm. Brady may want to look at his controllers and let his fire trine tell them to piss off.

The other Medieval point to note is that moon in Aries in the 6th house (if the Astrotheme horoscope is correct) portends head injuries from impulsive actions. Transiting Uranus in that house adds to that impulsive energy. I’m suspecting the head injury has already occurred as Uranus has passed over the moon in 2013.

Is that something that Neptune opposing natal Mercury in Virgo is hiding?


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