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Up until the mid 20th century, there were men who called themselves explorers. These men would come up with ideas (see what’s on the other side of the Atlantic ocean), present the idea to a person or persons of means (kings, queens, aristocracy) and then make the trip bringing back goods (gold, research, pictures, tales).

In the 20th century, these explorer types had to search farther and think deeper about uncharted territory in which to impress their patrons and earn their explorer keep. Rather than searching for new continents, explorers proposed flying over the North Pole, walking to the South Pole and planting the nation’s flag or crossing the whole of Antarctica on foot.

In this beginning of the 21st century, media technology allows someone sitting at her computer drinking hot, piping tea to tour the caves of France to view prehistoric art, look at the earth from a satellite or look at some recent photos of the universe.

Or I could leave my tea and take a cruise to Antarctica.

Where is the uncharted territory of explorers?

North Korea.

Dennis Rodman’s bad is no act

Using the Astrotheme chart, I can say that I would feel perfectly safe traveling to North Korea with basketball great Dennis Rodman.

Rodman has both sun and moon in the strong fixed earth sign of Taurus. He has cardinal earth Capricorn on the ascendant with Saturn in Capricorn hanging out.

Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Scorpio create a fixed square with the moon. Venus in Aries trines Uranus in Leo adding some spark and fire.

Rodman is a fiery boulder, a shooting star coming from the remains of a planet that lost its temper and blew up.

Do not make Rodman angry.

By the way, negative press on Rodman’s trips to North Korea will only fuel resistance.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn and will soon be in the Rodman’s first house. I got news for you – the challenge has just begun.

This is sort of exciting, actually. Rodman isn’t just challenging the authority of the community in which he was born. He is challenging the world community.

And he’s up for the fight.

Why North Korea?

I’m still searching for an article that has Rodman explaining in detail his interest in North Korea. I’m curious. I’m also fascinated by how many stories there are on this subject and how few actually answer the question, “Why, dude?”

This New York Times article has some information.

I’m also a little confused about whether his first trip to North Korea was in February or April.

Let’s start with February 2013. At that time, Saturn began its transit of Rodman’s natal Neptune in Scorpio which activates the fixed grand cross in his chart.

Neptune in Scorpio is depressed over lack of true connection with others and usually uses sex as a way of making that connection. Saturn crossing says it ain’t working. Rodman appears to have a drinking problem (according to Wikipedia) which is probably a depression problem. The trips to North Korea may have alleviated that depression through its newness.

At the time of Rodman’s September trip, transiting Jupiter was in trine with natal Neptune. This was the beginning of the true emotional connection.

Part of Rodman’s grand cross is Mars in Leo. Transiting Jupiter is in Cancer and will be in Leo in July 2014. Jupiter transiting Cancer is now in Rodman’s 7th house of partnership. When it enters Leo, Mars will be involved. Feelings of both home and romance are suggested.

The new articles write that Rodman feels strong emotion connection to North Korea’s leader. Jupiter in the 7th suggests that Rodman may also decide to create romance and home life in that country as well.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces is in Rodman’s natal 2nd house of finances. Neptune in the 2nd is usually accompanied by warnings about losing one’s money or assets through nebulous dealings. Ditto here.

Taurus and Capricorn don’t part with money easily but Neptune has gotten into Rodman’s wallet and Saturn has gotten into his soul so he may be quite generous with those few he can connect with emotionally.

Transiting Uranus in Aries is conjunct Rodman’s natal Venus in Aries. This represents sudden changes in love and pleasure. Uranus is a planet ruling the unusual, the unique, the eccentric. Uranus on one’s Venus also indicates relationship with an unusual person.

Again, this brings up the image that Rodman may fall in love with someone in North Korea besides the country’s leader. Both transiting Uranus and natal Venus square transiting Pluto. That love will create problems.

I’m imagining a North Korean wife (don’t know if Rodman is married now) and fighting with the US immigration service for a visa.

Rodman Tours

If a girl can go to Antarctica, why not North Korea?

Aren’t there other countries with nuclear arms pointed at the US that a girl can freely visit?

I’m reading that Rodman’s visit has sparked interest in touring North Korea. Maybe a tour company is in the works, Rodman Tours. He may have folks fighting to sit next to him on the tour bus, of course. He could charge more for that seat.

With Neptune transiting his house of finances (2nd), he Rodman may need some new ways to make money.

If Rodman doesn’t create a tour company, North Korea will probably be off the list as the new adventure. That will close the loop on earth travel and we’ll need to go to the new uncharted territory – outer space.


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