Extreme Elements

Where you live, have you noticed extra precipitation lately? A little extra rain, perhaps? Tidal waves, maybe? Lots of snow? An extra layer of ice?

Welcome to the astrological world of the grand water trine. When Jupiter entered cardinal Cancer last summer (end of June 2013), it created a triangle in the skies with Saturn in fixed Scorpio and Neptune in mutable Pisces.

Each element (fire, earth, air and water) has three signs one in each mode – cardinal, fixed and mutable. Four elements times three modes equal the twelve signs of the zodiac. When all three signs of an element are represented by a planet passing by, it is called a grand trine.

Because the planets are constantly in motion, the trine (or triangle) sometimes is exact, sometimes not. Back in August 2013, the grand water trine was pretty tight with Mars (in Cancer) adding some extra water to an ocean eroding the shores.

Very grand.

Funny thing, in a year from now, Saturn will have moved into fiery mutable Sagittarius, Leo will have spent the first half of a twelve-month passage in fiery fixed Leo and Uranus will continue its travels through fiery cardinal Aries.

In a year, the water trine will lend way to a fire trine.

The fire trine will never be as triangular as the water trine was, but fire, like water, knows no boundaries.

In a year, the ice laden north may be saying, “Remember the arctic temperatures we had last January? I can’t believe it’s 70 degrees this January.”

Extreme Elements

Too many planets in one element (or sign) can create the extremes of the element. Extremes test us. The extreme winter we are experiencing here in Ohio, for example, is a great test of one’s car.

If your car has anything weak or close to breaking, you will learn about it during the Ohio winter. Winter is a test of your vehicle, its ability to warm up and move along, to keep going, to keep the wipers wiping allowing a view of the road ahead.

Winter is also a test of your ability to stay indoors and not go mad.

This year’s extreme winter is an extreme test of one’s ability to deal with the element of water – emotions, connections, imagination, fantasy, spirituality and belief. Staying indoors means staying close to ourselves which can be the most extreme test for many a person, especially those with lots of fire and air in the chart.

When the cold turns to warm in July 2014, the water emotion will burst into flame of expression so we might see a little mayhem in July and August.

People tend to riot when it’s hot, not when it’s cold. Although cold is unpleasant, it might be seen as protective in that way. Then again, there are riots in cold Kiev this winter. Nevermind. Uranus in Aries riots when the need arises.

In January 2015, when the fire trine begins, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in the air sign of Aquarius. Air feeds fire you know. It’s going to be a very expressive time for humanity as Aquarius rules the people.

Fire and air suggests the wet and icy of today will be the dry and hot of tomorrow. And in the literal sense, there may be more fires.

Today’s test is water and tomorrow’s test is fire.

Felix Baumgartner

Testing through extremes brings to mind extreme sports. This article lists a few reasons for extreme sports including “a need for achievement, identity and personal development” and “a need to define life’s purpose.”

This article also introduced me to Felix Baumgartner who “jumped 24 miles above the earth.”

What’s in this guy’s chart?

There are no trines, no extreme elements here. Baumgartner was born when the sun was moving from Aries to Taurus. Most horoscopes online stick to the noon estimate which puts the sun in Taurus, including the Astrotheme chart.

Saturn is at 29 degrees of Aries which is conjunct Baumgartner’s sun whether it is in Aries or Taurus.

According to astrologer Elisabeth Grace, Baumgartner’s Uranus at 0 degrees of Libra is an “Aries point” which suggests the need for prominence.

For some astrologers, the “daredevil” is Uranus (which rules Aquarius). Uranus is definitely rebellious if not deliberately a daredevil.

I’m guessing Baumgartner’s delight in falling into and from the sky results primarily from a moon in Gemini opposition to Mars in Sagittarius. This is an aspect that can’t sit still and is intensely creative and indulgent. Mars opposing the moon in any sign is demanding. Baumgartner is demanding that you do something interesting, and do it now, or go find a hole to inhabit.

Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo create a square to the moon/Mars opposition creating increased agitation. Now, now, now. This guy must get a lot of headaches.

Now for the sun – cardinal fire Aries or fixed earth Taurus? Aries is impulsive but Baumgartner’s blog advice leads me to Taurus:

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

That’s some earth sign straight talk (Baumgartner has Mercury in Taurus). It’s focused on you as your problem, not something external. No ghosts, goblins, political enemies, past-life karma or germs out to get you. Just you, you, you.

Also, I think Taurus likes extreme sports because as the toughest earth sign, it needs extreme sensation to penetrate a nature that is not naturally sensitive. It’s not sensitive because it’s firmly rooted in the world unlike the rest of the zodiac that may be physically in the car but has its mind somewhere else.

Taurus also has the intensity and focus of a fixed sign to accomplish an extreme goal.

Baumgartner, then, is a combination of extreme focus (Taurus) and discipline (Saturn conjunct sun) and an inspired, agitated mind (moon-Mars-Jupiter-Pluto square). Possibly jumping from 24 miles above the earth is the only way Baumgartner has found to relax. Extreme sensation may be the only way to rid himself of agitation, the only way to focus.

There’s also a Yod (Finger of God) in the horoscope with Neptune (in Scorpio), Jupiter (in Virgo) and Saturn (Aries). Saturn is the finger.

That Saturn keeps jumping out – what’s the compulsion here?

Always Astrology.com has this to say about Saturn in Aries:

While Saturn in Aries may cause a delayed development of ambition in their life, they may end up taking on a lot of responsibility when still very young. Obstacles arise that may block progress. Having to assert themselves can cause a lot of anxiety. Anger may be an issue, although others see them as controlled and cool the majority of the time. Aries Saturn can create a sense of responsibility for oneself, though they may lack confidence. They don’t like risks, which may make them appear weak. Some may overcompensate by taking risks that seem foolhardy.

Is Baumgartner’s Finger of God giving the finger to someone who said, “No you can’t?”

We’ll have to wait for the Hollywood movie on Baumgartner’s life that develops that crucial scene of childhood that explains the desire to jump from high places.

Baumgartner has only one planet in water in the chart (Neptune in Scorpio) so this year’s water world is draining on his energies.

Come July when Jupiter enters Leo, a transiting grand fire trine will be formed with natal Saturn (in Aries) and natal Mars (in Sagittarius). Baumgartner may launch a new project at that time. By late 2016, transiting Uranus in Aries will close in on natal Saturn in Aries which will create extreme friction and frustration. Baumgartner may be stopped, restrained or challenged by external factors.

Prior to that, transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will create havoc with the natal Venus in Aries love life. Hopefully Baumgartner won’t use extreme sports to overcome frustrating romantic feelings; if he does, he may not be as focused as when he’s giving the finger to god.

Extreme Inspiration

The River Recreation website notes that 8 million people watched Baumgartner’s jump from the sky. Extreme behavior is inspiring.

Next year when the grand water trine gives way to a grand fire trine, Baumgartner may release his next inspiring act.

Will it be a leap into a fiery volcano?


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