How to Be Your Own Nostradamus

Nostradamus was a 14th century physician and astrologer who is best known for a series of prophecies that some believe predicted the Holocaust and others believe are mere coincidences or creative translations that snugly fit historical facts.

The prophecies were written in four-line stanzas, quatrains. has a nice layout of the quatrains. Ah, to be in the 21st century where prophecy is a click away.

The quatrains are grouped into centuries which don’t have relation to actual centuries but refer to groupings of 100. Let’s take a look at a few:

Century XII, Quatrain 55
Sad counsels, disloyal, cunning,
Wicked advice, the Law will be betrayed:
The people stirred, wild, quarrelsome,
In borough as in town, the entire peace hated.

Yes, I can see how many could interpret this as any period of the last 2,000 years. It’s relevant today – this quite clearly describes US President Trump and his advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Century 1, quatrain 47 below is also clearly about US President Trump. I can already feel the time dragging.

Century I, Quatrain 47
The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks,
then months, then years, then all will fail.
The authorities will condemn their useless powers.

Century VIII, quatrain 49 provides an idea of how Nostradamus devised his prophecies – astrology!

Century VIII, Quatrain 49
Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius.
Mars in Sagittarius, the sixth of February brings death.
Those of Tardaigne so great a breach at Bruges,
that the barbarian chief will die at Ponteroso.

Be Your Own Nostradamus

In the Ohio Astrology blog History Continues Itself – The Opium Wars, I noted how in 1839-1860 Neptune in late Aquarius to late Pisces presided over the Opium Wars in China. Today a 165-year Neptune cycle later, Neptune in late Aquarius to late Pisces is presiding over the opioid addiction in the US. If we were Nostradamus, we would look at the aspect presiding over the 19th century Opium Wars and project them into today.

The Neptune quatrain:

A great power lures the people
Into a somnambulant waking existence
They take the people’s silver
And leave them in a painless void

Keep in mind that while one planet may return to a position, the other nine planets (the moon and Pluto are planets in astrology) will be in different positions. For example, Neptune may be in Pisces, again, but during the Opium Wars, Pluto was in Aries and Taurus while today Pluto is in Sagittarius and Capricorn. So we must be prophetically creative.

Ohio Astrology Quatrains

The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto describe world events as they move slowly and represent the long haul from cave to cubicle. Uranus has an 84-year cycle, changing signs every seven years for the seven-year itch. Neptune has a 165-year cycle and the half-way point is close the Uranus full cycle and a human lifetime. Pluto has a 248-year cycle and spends about 20 years in a sign. Moses was purported to be 120 years old at death, half a Pluto cycle and his Pluto would have been opposing natal Pluto, a fine time to perish.

Right now, Pluto is in 19 degrees of Capricorn. Last time it was in 19 degrees of Capricorn was in March 1771. If you’re American, you know that the people of this land were fomenting revolution. That revolution occurred when Pluto was at 27 degrees of Capricorn. Oh, by the way, Pluto will return to 27 degrees of Capricorn in February 2022 as it bounces back and forth over that position for an entire year.

The Pluto quatrain:

The people of a young land stir
To overthrow their great fathers
Tea is now iced and stays in the glass
But the tall tower must fall

Currently Uranus is in 25 degrees of Aries. The last time of that placement was August 1934 (it first hit this placement in May 1933 then went retrograde). Those were interesting times.

The Uranus quatrain:

Fire rises from around the globe
As heads butt heads in aggression
Identity is paramount
In the struggle for sovereignty

As we get closer to the sun, the planetary cycles become much shorter. Saturn’s cycle is about 30 years, the time in life when people settle down to saturnine reality. Saturn is currently in 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This short cycle takes us back to January 1988. At that time, Uranus was also in Sagittarius providing extra punch to the aspect. This time, Saturn in Sagittarius goes solo.

The year 1988 was in the US the second election of Ronald Reagan who reduced taxes, released regulations, and promoted economic growth that allowed the top one percent to increase in wealth dramatically while everyone else plateaued. The common man did get some benefits which include high fructose corn syrup, diabetes and economic crashes.

The Saturn quatrain:

Abundance causes illness and sadness
Throw the remains into the world
When restraint is needed
The rulers open the gates

Lastly, let’s look at Jupiter, which as a roughly 12-year (actually 11-point-something which is quite close to the sun spot cycle).

Jupiter is currently transiting 15 degrees of Libra. That last occurred in August 2005. Recent history is more difficult for me to remember these days, for some reason, than more distant history so I had to employ Google. Oh my, that was the year of Hurricane Katrina. How could I forget?

The Jupiter Quatrain:

A great wind arises from the south
It blows away the beautiful tablecloth
Revealing the table beneath
The wood is decaying


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