29 Degrees of Aries

For the record, I love the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs have an exuberant love of life that brings joy internally and also to those around them. Fire needs no external justification for its existence, a powerful reminder of spirit.

The universe, however, has provided this blog writer with an abundance of the other elements – earth, air and water, especially earth and water. The universe preferred that I learn from quiet contemplation (and write this blog, I presume) with enough fire to make it through a world harsh to those of sensitive nature.

Astrology helped me sort this out. While I admire fire from the top of its head to the tip of its feet, fire can be overwhelming to earth and water seeming to always be “on” with no off switch. That is the kind of energy needed to win marathons, sing and dance nightly before audiences and run multi-national corporations. You can’t do those things without abundance of constantly replenishing energy.

If fire energy can be overwhelming to earth or water signs, likewise earth and water energy can dampen the spirit of fire. There is earth and water energy on its way and the challenge of life is to keep the balance of elements – of internal and external; assertion and rest; expression and contemplation.

We need to keep the fire while responding to the earth and water.

Uranus in Aries

In 2011, the planet of sudden enlightenment and breakthrough (through shocks and disruptions), Uranus, moved into fire sign Aries. Aries is not only fire but the first sign of the zodiac with focus on identity, self-assertion and forward motion. Ruled by Mars, the ancient god of war, Aries can cross the line of assertion and leadership to aggression and dominance.

Since its ingress into Aries, Uranus has inspired and incited many a movement of self-assertion including the formation of South Sudan, the Arab Spring, mass migrations from war zones to safe zones, Black Lives Matter and the Me Too Movement. These are the more noticeable movements but there are probably many more that don’t make American news and also the everyday moments of self-assertion that can never be calculated by news or astrologers.

On the flip side of Aries energy, we also see copycat school shootings and a bullying US president that demonstrates the self-assertion of Aries but the narrow focus of forcing what is personal on others. As I’ve written in My Uranus in Aries, this narrow focus is supported by targeted marketing using information from our constant interaction with social media. This marketing can target to our individual identities, longings and needs so closely that it can create separation from others both in a physical sense (I never have to go to the store anymore) and a spiritual sense (I don’t get a healthy mixture of conflicting views).

Uranus Cycle

The seven-year Uranus cycle (aka “seven-year itch”) is almost complete and soon it will move from Aries to Taurus. It may feel like hitting the brakes as Taurus is a fixed earth sign and much slower in motion than Aries. You can read about that here in March 2019.

Each sign has 30 degrees and at 29 degrees is considered a critical point, its culmination. As we look at other planets from our vantage point on earth, like a car driving past a distant mountain range, the planets can appear to move backwards. That is called retrograde movement.

Uranus will be in 29 degrees of Aries at the very end of April 2018 through mid-May 2018 when it will move into 0 degrees of Taurus. Because Uranus is far away, it November 2018 it will from our vantage point go back into 29 degrees of Aries again. It won’t stop until 28 degrees of Aries then go forward yet again and in February 2018 be for the third time in 29 degrees of Aries.

Are you seasick from that explanation?

Uranus will be in 29 degrees of Aries at the three times:

  1. April 2018 – mid-May 2018
  2. November 2018 – early December 2018
  3. February 2019 – early March 2019

There is no law that transitions must be smooth. Our culture sometimes presents history and evolution as a seamless, straight-line trajectory of progress. Reading about ancient cultures, I’ve been disabused of this notion which is supported by astrology. Cycles ebb and flow. People learn then forget. Laws are made and laws are broken. Each cycle both long and short will hopefully rise us upward in consciousness.

Uranus bouncing back and forth between the late degrees of Aries and the early degrees of Taurus represents the rocky shift between focus on self and focus on external environment. This same shift occurred the last time Uranus made this transition in April 1935. That was a time of economic adversity (The Depression) coupled with an on-coming world war. During the WWII and that Uranus in Taurus cycle, there were rations. After the war, for various reasons, there was plenty beginning the existing trajectory of material expansion.

29 Degrees of Aries

What will 29 degrees of Aries mean for the planet?

In searching the blogosphere on the subject, I like this blog best – there is only so much time left. Aries already carries a sense of urgency and at 29 degrees it will be as if the new iPhone 25 is out, supplies are limited, the store is closing and I must get in line.

That urgency makes sense if you look astrologically at what comes next. Pluto and Saturn are currently in earth sign Capricorn and Neptune is in water sign Pisces and Jupiter will still be in water sign Scorpio when Uranus goes into Taurus. The planets from Jupiter and beyond represent social and transpersonal energies. All will be in earth or water, a very strong shift from fire.

For those that sense energy shifts, there will be that strong desire to run a marathon, sing and dance in front of audiences or run the multi-national corporation before it’s too late. It is now or never! Get out of my way!

The shift into earth turns the focus into the practical and tangible environment. We may not have time for self-assertion as the shift in focus to some basic earth needs will rise above individual identity. It’s probably a good thing that we may be too preoccupied with material needs to annihilate those who we do not like.

Twenty-nine degrees of Aries is right now in a world already in the “I must have it now” mode. If Uranus in Taurus will create shocks and disruptions for enlightenment and breakthrough in our relation to the material world, a culture that can have an amazing amount of material goods delivered in a single day may find that no longer available.

Uranus in 29 degrees of Aries will be the store closing sale on “anything you want now because you are special, you are the consumer.”

I find it interesting that our world is moving toward digitization as a solution when any disruption in electricity would wipe out infrastructure. Moreover, my personal information is at more risk than ever.

Likewise, I find the consumer dominance of my culture today a grand delusion as the minute you have no money, you are no longer important. Marketing is directed to those that spend.

I’m expecting some shocks of this nature as Uranus moves through the last degrees of Aries. Self-assertion for individual rights is the strength of Aries. The dysfunction arises when the needs of self create the delusion that we aren’t dependent on an external reality for survival.

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