Melania and Uranus

Often when facing difficulties in my American life, I think about the many others in the world who have problems much greater than my own — those that lack necessities such as healthy food or fresh water and those who are exploited in the many shades of exploitation that exist on this planet. I accept that my problems are of the “first world” and remember that I’m lucky to be in a place and time where I have some choices.

Today, while going through this exercise, I realized that my life may be much better than Melania Trump’s. Until today, I basically ignored the fact we have a first lady as she’s “sleeping with the enemy” and her efforts at humanity are hollow to me as she’s married to someone I consider a bully. If you’ve ever been bullied at school or work (bullying isn’t just for children), Trump’s behavior is classic bully and re-kindles trauma.

While I don’t know how another person feels inside, especially a public figure physically remote such as Melania Trump, a strong sense of compassion arose as I thought about what it might feel like to Mrs. Trump right now amidst the drama of her husband’s reign. Melania might be happy as a clam, I certainly don’t know. But in my imagination I think she might prefer my quiet, calm life right now. Not forever, but maybe right now.

Solid Earth

Melania Trump has six planets in earth signs, including the sun (in Taurus) and moon (in Capricorn). Saturn is conjunct the sun placing more emphasis on Capricorn traits (as it rules this sign). Mercury and Venus are also in Taurus. Pluto is in Virgo.

What’s left?

Besides earth, there’s a bit of air (Mars in Gemini and Uranus in Libra), fire (Neptune in Sagittarius) and water (Jupiter in Scorpio).

The preponderance of earth indicates a person who tends to be practical, concerned with the here and now, follows rules and is respectful of authority. Taurus sun and Capricorn moon combined is extremely loyal. Capricorn moon rarely expresses its feelings for fear of losing control and usually had a difficult relationship with the mother who wasn’t maternal in the storybook way. Mother may scrub floors day and night to feed ten children, but she rarely hugs them.

A horoscope such as Melania’s suggests a highly-structured, traditional upbringing (moon in Capricorn) with physical lack (Saturn in Taurus) and possibly even a lack of affection. Capricorn is the sign that takes the path of most resistance and willingly carries extra loads of responsibility even as its shoulders buckle under the weight.

But earth also enjoys its pleasures in a more direct, uncomplicated way than other signs. Material objects are enjoyed for their own sake and not for what those objects represent (except for maybe tradition and heritage). Earth doesn’t generally doesn’t feed off of drama. There’s usually a refreshing calmness that anchors others in the ocean of life.


The earth in Melania’s chart seeks stability and routine, but there are a few aspects that may explain why she married a man full of fire and air (astrologically, of course) and unpredictable behavior.

Uranus in Libra probably squares the moon in Capricorn (depending on time of birth) suggesting unpredictable emotions. Moon in Capricorn is reserved while Uranus in Libra wants partnership. Melania may confuse others by at times being best-friend close and at times appearing cold and distant.

Mars in Gemini opposite Neptune in Sagittarius is also a bit unpredictable (her husband has this opposition involving sun/Uranus and moon). This is also an aspect that’s much more carefree than the rest of the chart. In fact, this aspect is a bit reckless at times.

So we have this stable, steady person who at times jumps out of character to be a more fun-loving, risk-taking person. Or are there two personalities here?

Another interesting aspect in the chart which isn’t super common is the yod, or finger of god. Uranus (in Libra) and Neptune (in Sagittarius) are 60 degrees apart and both make a 150-degree aspect to the sun in Taurus. Taurus is the “finger.”

Melania’s chart has several planets in very early degrees of signs, including the yod. There seems to be a “new,” childlike energy to the chart while at the same time there’s this earthy heaviness. While Uranus and Neptune point to fun and heightened experience, the sun points to stability.

Do I want to have fun or be responsible? Should I build a house or be a gypsy? Should I study finance or get in my car and drive until I can see the sunset no longer?

There’s definitely a sensual nature with the planets in Taurus and Neptune in Sagittarius although the moon may inhibit its full expression. Jupiter in Scorpio opposing the sun in Taurus is also sensual but in opposition struggles with the sensual nature – am I being good or bad when I enjoy pleasures of the body?

More Uranus

It’s good that for all the earth in her chart, Melania appears to seek change with the Uranus square moon, sometimes suddenly, because more is coming.

Transiting Uranus entered Taurus in May for its seven-year journey through that sign. It will go backward a bit this summer (into Aries), before heading back through Taurus until 2025.

Uranus transits bring awareness. Enlightenment is a hefty word but when you have those sudden moments of seeing something clearly (“she always loved me”), it’s a form of enlightenment.

For Melania, that awareness will involve the yod (Uranus-Neptune-sun). This aspect is already in orb (activated) so and will bring a greater awareness of self as it conjuncts the sun. The sun is saying, “You’re not being ME.” Uranus and Neptune create a mild friction that demands more enthusiasm, more spontaneity and more connection, like running down the beach naked with someone you just met. The sun may be yearning for a more intense experience but can’t clearly define that experience.

In the spring of 2021, Uranus will move toward Melania’s natal Saturn. That is when the situation becomes critical. Uranus tends to bring sudden change which creates breakthroughs of consciousness. Saturn is the planet of our defense, our weakest link that we defend at any cost. Uranus transiting creates vulnerability as it cracks our defenses but liberates us from that which we are protecting that is no longer needed. Imagine being clothed in armor for years then having it removed.

This can be a liberating transit but one that gets us in trouble with Saturn authority. The authority of this transit is ourselves and our inner parent that says, “You’re an adult. You shouldn’t have done that.” External authority and society at large probably won’t like it much either.

I’m going to mark spring of 2021 on my calendar and check in should Melania no longer be first lady.

The horoscope Melania is a tough woman which I’m reconciling with the woman who recently wore the “I really don’t care. Do U?” jacket. Maybe that message wasn’t for the public or the press. Maybe that message was for someone closer to home.


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