Five Astrological Tips for Dealing with a Perfect Sister-in-Law and Perfect Mother-in-Law

Right before the British royal wedding of Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle my cat was watching Entertainment Tonight where a British psychic said that she was channeling Princess Diana. The psychic claimed that the discarnate Princess Diana didn’t think Markle was a good match for her son.

A lover of royal weddings, my cat was upset.

“Why do people project their fears and insecurities onto royalty?” asked the cat.

Having just walked in the door, I wasn’t quite prepared for such a deep conversation, but I responded as best as I could.

“As much as we humans deny it,” I said, “we love drama. That’s why we spend our lives immersed in movies and television shows. We only complain about drama when it’s not to our advantage or amusement. It’s the same with politics.”

“Do you humans love drama because you’re so boring?” she asked.

That hurt a bit, but I have been working a lot and, I’ll admit, haven’t been much fun lately.

“Humans tell stories,” I explained. “All of our experiences from birth to death are part of a story in which we are the central character. I thought our meditation teacher explained this to us.”

“Why can’t you humans simply enjoy life without ruining everything?” she asked.

Was she taunting me?

“I would enjoy my life more if I had someone who fed me daily and cleaned my litter box while I slept or stared out the window,” I replied curtly.

“There’s no need for drama,” she said while walking toward her bowl of fresh water.


When people say they want to be treated like royalty, I know they haven’t read their history. Comedian Amy Schumer has a fun skit as Princess Amy where she is the medieval peasant girl discovering she’s going to be a princess. Her image of princess is pure 20th century Disney.

In her princess role, she discovers the reality of the medieval role – she has to marry her cousin, procreate for the dynastic line and, as often happens with royalty, gets her head chopped off.

The 20th century image of royalty is pure Leo – dominance, confidence, grandeur and extravagance. When I think “royalty” I see an image of Henry VIII, his glorious dress, his dramatic life and his command of the empire.

Leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac and embodies many of the archetypal images of royalty including positive energy, dominance, boldness and daring. Most importantly, Leo needs no justification for being the center of attention.

The reality of royalty might be a bit more Capricorn as we see in Amy Schumer’s skit. Royalty past and present involves an acceptance of authority because it’s already established. And if you don’t believe in that authority, it will make you believe through control and the defining of social norms.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign that seeks the top of the mountain in an area of life. Most areas of modern life have some hierarchical structure where Capricorn can manifest its primary motivation. Capricorn like Leo seeks respect. But unlike Leo, Capricorn relies on the respect bestowed upon authority whereas Leo expects it due to personal power.

The Marriage

As my cat and I reviewed the charts of Meghan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex) and Prince Harry (the Duke of Sussex), we could see a little of what the psychic alluded with regard to romantic difficulties – Markle’s Saturn/Moon conjunction in Libra is the sign of Prince Harry’s Venus.

Saturn/moon in Libra suggests some difficulties with partnership, especially in the sense of finding the partner equal. Jupiter is also part of that conjunction while Pluto is not but is also in Libra. Pluto in Libra exerts a lot of control in partnerships.

The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is interesting in itself as that often indicates a conflict with what society deems appropriate – Saturn is the societal structure of rules and laws while Jupiter is socialization in education, religion and community.

Markle has a lot of fire and air; Prince Harry has more earth (sun in Virgo and moon in Taurus) although a stellium in fire-sign Sagittarius (Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter).

Although the stellium in fire might make Prince Harry rebellious, I suspect he’ll be saying a lot more than he plans, “Hey Meghan, we don’t do things that way.”

Five Astrological Tips for Dealing with a Perfect Sister-in-Law and Mother-in-Law

When people say a royal wedding is like a fairy tale, I know, too, that they haven’t read many fairy tales. Like history, fairy tales are filled with gruesome events.

Markle and Prince Harry will have similarities and differences as with any couple. The challenge for Markle is surviving a marriage that is public. The other important challenge is doing that with a perfect sister-in-law and perfect mother-in-law.

Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) is the sister-in-law married to Prince William (Duke of Cambridge). While Middleton experienced the same pre-marital scrutiny, she’s been the epitome of beauty and style, appears to love her husband and has produced three beautiful children.

Middleton is a Capricorn sun, Cancer moon and Leo rising. Capricorn is the social role of Duchess and Cancer (the opposite sign) is the personal role of wife and mother. She seems to have embraced both well. Leo rising provides the exuberant, smiling image we see when Capricorn and Cancer can actually be moody and brooding.

Queen Elizabeth II is the mother-in-law. During the life of Princess Diana the Queen experienced the most negative press of her dynastic tenure. But I think it’s actually her perfection in her role that makes the public want to see the cracks in the foundation. She’s lived a dutiful life in a prescribed role and done a remarkable job.

The Queen has sun in Taurus, moon in Leo and a Capricorn rising. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs indicating strength of character. Capricorn rising is the reserve, the seriousness we see in her role as Queen. Leo moon enjoys a little more pleasure than Capricorn rising is willing to show.

So how will Markle adapt to a life of royalty amidst two women who perform the role so well? Ohio Astrology helps where it can so is offering some royal advice, for free of course.

Tip #1

Pretend to be perfect. The image is everything, as this actress probably already knows. With Cancer rising, there may be a tendency to express emotions. But the Mercury and sun in Leo should be able to put on the mask and pretend that all is well. If Cancer gets out of the shell, the comparisons will follow.

Tip #2

Be the best dresser. One way to keep people from noticing your inner emotional life is to dress wild and crazy and have them focus on your clothes instead. With moon in Libra and sun in Leo, this should be easy to accomplish. If it’s a really bad day, there is always the option of one of those big hats that covers your face.

Tip #3

Get a pet. With Mars in Cancer in the 12th, there is a need for secret, intimate friends. That might be troublesome in a life with no privacy when you’re being compared to exemplary family members. But you can cry on the shoulder of a fluffy dog as easily as a best girl friend and dogs don’t talk to the press.

Tip #4

Travel. With Neptune in Sagittarius in the 5th, there’s a desire to experience foreign environments. This can be mixed with charity work and keep you away from the family. If you’re not in the room together, possibly there’s less time for comparison.

Tip #5

Share the wealth. With Pluto transiting the natal 6th and Uranus transiting the natal 10th, there is change to work and career life and both involve having money (if royalty weren’t involved, it suggests a new business venture that will have great material success). Sharing the wealth would certainly make a positive impression on others . . .


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