Prince Harry in Love

While most are enamored of technology, I’m really very happy that much of what we have today was not available in my youth. The big downside, of course, is that I had to comb through library catalog cards rather than ordering library materials online.

You know the feeling.

The major upside of lack of technology in the great balance of life is that I did not have some of my youthful embarrassing moments carried all over the social media. Years ago, while watching an adult Facebook friend post a romantic breakup on the site, I was a bit embarrassed. I wonder what the Facebook feed of a 20-year-old looks like.

In the sadder portion of the social media universe, I read about young children who are bullied at school and then experience bullying on social media. It’s 24/7 bullying and quite upsetting when children take drastic measures to escape it.

Social media allows us to bully but also to shout, write on topics no one cares about (astrology) and express all kinds of thoughts that normally would be confined to the dinner table. Or, even better, never discussed at all at dinner because of its unimportance without social media fuel to keep it aflame.

So it’s not a surprise that Prince Harry of England would embark on a media campaign of personal revelation after keeping feelings and experiences intensely private for so many years. While I haven’t read his autobiography Spare, I’ve enjoyed excerpts, his interview on 60 Minutes and several book reviews. It’s gossip heaven.

Dish on his brother, father, sister-in-law and step mother are all on tap. What I haven’t heard yet, at all, is any criticism of the wife. That’s cause Harry is in love and the wife is so different from his previous life. What Harry might want to consider in the 4EVER world of social media is that marriages over time can become, how shall we say it, less exciting than at the beginning.

The Critical Prince Harry

Virgo, the sign of Harry’s sun and Mercury is an earth sign and the most critical sign of the zodiac known for discrimination, mental ability, with focus on work, routines, habits and diets. It’s generally a picky eater with lots of allergies and tendency to nervous dissipation from excessive thinking and worry.

Moon in Taurus is also earth but much more relaxed. It’s generally slower to emotionally react so good at keeping the peace and making sure the silver is polished. However, the planet Uranus is currently transiting Taurus so all those calm Taurus’ you (used to) know are now having emotional upheavals. In my early days of astrology, I was warned that Taurus was calm until it had enough and blew up. I can confirm that is correct. Uranus is the igniter of those suppressed feelings which rise up like lava from a volcano – hot and sudden.

The Partying Prince Harry

Taurus moon is very practical but also very physical, enjoying the sensations of life. It’s common that this moon likes extreme sport because it’s so physically robust and while lesser activity can be stimulating for some, Taurus needs more intensity to penetrate from physical to emotional and mental.

Also, Harry’s natal Uranus, Mars and Neptune are in Sagittarius, a sign unlike Virgo and considered a “square” or tense relationship to it. That the worrying Virgo would turn to drugs is no surprise to the astrologer. In addition to escaping worry through drugs, Sagittarius wants heightened experience and is easily bored and depressed by the humdrum of life. Sagittarius wanders and explores. Sagittarius loves freedom and can have trouble with the dependent type of relationship.

As noted in 2011’s blog Prince Harry is Growing Up, Sagittarius loves things and experiences that are different and foreign. Sagittarius is a xenophile. It’s no surprise Prince Harry married a foreigner.

The Virgo-Sagittarius square is something we’re hearing a lot about right now from Harry. Virgo criticism with Sagittarius outspokenness; Virgo worry and anxiety with Sagittarious drive for freedom and new experiences.

Harry the Husband

While the news story – possibly for Harry himself – is that upon marriage he finally felt free of his past life and now wants to live the life of an individual not subject to royal obligations, I believe there’s a more common story beneath.

The sub-story and more important one is that Harry is doing what many have done and will do – fall in love with “different” and feel a healthy separation and freedom from the family legacy. Over time, however, Harry like others may learn how deep in the DNA one’s family emotional history resides. And Harry’s family IS history.

And if Harry’s marriage should go through challenges – which most marriages do – or falter even then Harry may find himself much freer than he would like. His Venus in Libra seeks the ideal partner who doesn’t have crooked teeth or unpleasant nose hair. After years of marriage and as age progresses, habits can become less pretty.

Although royalty seems the British everlasting gobstopper of a soap opera, the news will move onto something else in a short time. The shelf life of gossip and scandal is decreasing as fast as consumer prices are increasing.

When Harry goes to live his private life (if he does) and he and family are not in the news, where will that Virgo sun direct its criticism? And after years of marriage to these Americans with their bad tea and broken English, who will he talk to about our uncouth ways?

As Harry matures even more, he might regret putting it “all” out there on social media and not leaving a little for a private, nasty letter on personal stationery that can later be thrown into the fire and forgotten.

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