The 15-Minute Rundown of Democratic Candidates

You’ve heard of 15-minute Shakespeare, right? A long, plot-heavy, character-laden Shakespeare play is reduced to its 15-minute essentials. The Democratic primaries will probably unfold much like a Shakespeare tragedy so let’s not spend too much time on these minor characters that will soon be dust in the wind.

Anyway, until astrologers get paid the big bucks, it will have to be a 15-minute glance.

The Summary

Twenty five candidates were found on Election Central. By sun sign we have a splattering of the zodiac but no Leo or Pisces. Pisces is no surprise; this super-sensitive, secretive sign isn’t much for the rough and tumble of politics. If you’re going to go in front of the public and lie every day, why not just become an actor?

Leo, on the other hand, seeks attention and historically has been a sign popular with the public. It’s a fixed fire sign, full of energy, charisma and self-confidence.

As transiting Uranus has entered Taurus, I’ve seen more Taurus sun and moon as the focus of attention. Two top contenders – Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren – have moon in Taurus.

Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure. The two Libras (Harris and O’Rourke) are rather young. Possibly the gruff and uncouth behavior of our current president is creating the desire for charm, youth and beauty.

Candidate count by sun sign:
Aries: 3
Taurus: 3
Gemini: 2
Cancer: 4
Leo: 0
Virgo: 2
Libra: 2
Scorpio: 3
Sagittarius: 2
Capricorn: 2
Aquarius: 2
Pisces: 0

The 15-minute Rundown

Candidate Sun/Moon What you need to know
Michael Bennet Sagittarius / Virgo or Libra Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in wide square to sun and Saturn in Aquarius suggest that Bennet will not have wide appeal. He’s more like a niche product than a general-election type of personality. Born abroad and sun in Sagittarius means he might prefer Secretary of State anyway.
Joe Biden Scorpio / Taurus Uranus transiting Taurus will be conjunct moon and opposing four planets in Scorpio. Taurus moon is the Rock of Gibraltar but Uranus is the unexpected. Expect the unexpected, is how it goes, including changes to the body.
Cory Booker Taurus / Virgo Uranus recently finished transiting a Saturn in 29 of Aries and now is transiting the sun. That means any big fights with authority have passed and Booker feels like a new man. Like hot rolls out of the oven, he’s fully baked but not quite cooled down. Also, Virgo moon can be a little too detailed for the American public.
Steve Bullock Aries / Capricorn Mars and Sun in Aries with Capricorn moon is definitely the stuff of politics, shrewd and aggressive. This configuration also creates irritability and impatience. With Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Pisces, this irritability may come across as “poor me.”
Pete Buttigieg Capricorn / Scorpio or Sagittarius Here is the great mark of a politician – Saturn conjunct Pluto square sun (and square transiting Saturn and Pluto). This is a Control Freak getting more controlling. If the moon is in Sagittarius, there’s a bit of levity. But with Uranus conjunct either sign of the moon, there’s a lot of emotional unpredictability. This man like Capricorn Ted Cruz or Mike Dewine will keep at it until he gets something.
Julian Castro Virgo / Libra Like Buttigieg, lots of need for control with Mars/moon/Pluto in Libra. The Virgo sun simply tries to organize it all in that OCD kind-of-way. Castro probably hasn’t learned to lose the battle and win the war and gets lost in the detail.
Bill deBlasio Taurus / Aquarius or Pisces Potentially lots of fixed signs which come across as set in ways. Saturn in 29 Capricorn going to get hit big with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transits. He might want to hide until the election is over.
John Delaney Aries / Capricorn This is the same sun/moon as Steve Bullock with the same impatience and irritability. Also, Capricorn moon doesn’t come across as loveable and charming but fixed on duty and obligation which is not super-appealing to Americans. Saturn in Aquarius adds to the feeling of not fitting in with the crowd.
Tulsi Gabbard Aries / Cancer This chart is almost entirely a cardinal T-square of four planets in Aries, one in Cancer and three in Libra. Cardinal signs are go getters to the point you have to lock them out so they don’t clean your fridge and rearrange the portraits on your wall. There is charisma here, but also a pushy and overbearing nature.
Kirsten Gillibrand Sagittarius / Scorpio Moon, Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio create charisma and magnetism, especially with speech. I haven’t heard her but her voice is probably nice. The Sagittarius / Scorpio combination can create someone with flexibility but also tough as nails.
Mike Gravel Taurus / Scorpio or Sagittarius Gravel is currently experiencing his third Saturn return. Saturn returns represent maturity and crystallization and remind us of time and age. The recent transit of Uranus in Aries from 2010-2018 provided energy. That energy is waning.
Kamila Harris Libra / Aries Aries and Libra are the “self” and “other” axis and these energies always seek partnership to understand the self. Aries moon are the great challengers of systems and can push the limits far. Libra sun has to be careful to compromise self in order to be liked. Saturn in Aquarius fears rejection from the crowd.
John Hickenlooper Aquarius / Cancer The emotional and moody moon in Cancer is conjunct Uranus, which also rules his Aquarius sun. This can be highly unique and inventive but also erratic and eccentric. Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra is also a bit depressive.
Jay Inslee Aquarius / Pisces or Aries Where’s that moon, Jay? In Pisces, probably too moody and brooding for public life. Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Pisces can be a bit slick – what you say (Mercury and sun in Aquarius) is not what you mean. Saturn may oppose your moon which is like a rock around your big toe. Please send time of birth.
Amy Klobuchar Gemini / Gemini Pre-Trump, I would have said sun/moon/Mercury in Gemini is an absolute no-go in American politics. We’ve had only two presidents with Gemini sun – Trump and Bush the First. There’s a definite lack of empathy in this chart but that too may make the passing grade in this new world. With Gemini sun and moon, there’s generally another “life.”
Wayne Messam Gemini / Capricorn This combination could be called highly rational, rarely expressing emotion. Don’t try to beat him at chess and also don’t ask for sympathy because you have to think things through, not cry about them. He’s got the detachment for public life but may sacrifice family life for it.
Seth Moulton Scorpio / Leo Now here’s a more traditional, 20th century presidential chart with strong fixed signs and leadership qualities. There are huge amounts of confidence in this chart and not a little bit of arrogance. If he doesn’t let the fear of not being perfect trip him up, he can survive the long haul.
Beto O’Rourke Libra / Taurus Libra and Taurus are both ruled by the pleasure-loving, sensual Venus. O’Rourke has four planets in Libra and one in Taurus – that’s 50% of the chart preferring clean sneakers that won’t go into the thrift store ’cause it’s dirty. I don’t think this one can handle rolling in the mud with Trump.
Tim Ryan Cancer / Aquarius Ohio Astrology (OHA) endorses Tim Ryan for President because he’s from Ohio. Also, he has sun in Cancer and moon in Aquarius matching the July 4 chart of the United States. Cancer sun is charming (when it’s not biting your head off) and Aquarius moon is analytical so can control the head biting although it may cause tummy aches.
Bernie Sanders Virgo / Aries In 2016 when Sanders first ran for president, Uranus was in Aries. Now Uranus is in Taurus so the energy provided to his moon/Mars conjunction has passed. Sanders’ Saturn is in Taurus so I suspect he will not raise the money he did in 2016.
Tom Steyer Cancer / Gemini or Cancer Sun is in Cancer and the moon in Gemini or Cancer. Since Steyer’s net worth is over $1B, it’s probably moon in Cancer which likes to hoard things in its kangaroo pouch, including loved ones and money. Transiting Saturn and Pluto are opposite Venus in Cancer so the family is probably worried about this presidential run. Don’t worry, kids, Dad is just getting some natal Mars/Uranus conjunct in Leo center-of-attention. Really he’s too much of an idealist with Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo. A presidential run with Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn would also ruin his natal Neptune in 29 degrees of Libra relationship. I’m sure he doesn’t want that.
Eric Swalwell Scorpio / Aquarius or Pisces With Uranus conjunct sun in Scorpio, Neptune conjunct Mars in Sagittarius and four planets in Libra, there are too many bad habits that will probably come to light and preclude any future movement. With Jupiter currently transiting Sagittarius, there’s a bit of inflated ego that will be deflated quickly if he steps into the ring.
Elizabeth Warren Cancer / Taurus Taurus is “house” and Cancer is “home” so combined create a person who can build a foundation and also infuse it with warmth and emotion. The moon conjunct Uranus creates unpredictability and extreme sensitive. Taurus moon is unflappable and can limit excessive reaction. But when the opponent calls her momma a whore, will Warren be able to control herself?
Marianne Williamson Cancer / Capricorn or Aquarius Astrotheme has a chart with a time which indicates a Capricorn moon. If the moon perchance is in Aquarius, it would be like Tim Ryan, the same sun/moon as the July 4 chart of the United States. As a new ager, Williamson could just say so and brand herself a child of the revolution. If the moon is in Capricorn, she might want to ask what parental dynamics cause her to seek the presidency. She’s got a lot of cardinal energy, that pushy bossy energy that makes people want to fix things. You get it.
Andrew Yang Capricorn / Aquarius Neither Capricorn nor Aquarius is what you’d call “warm.” But two planets in Sagittarius and three in Aquarius definitely make Yang unique and innovative which might be a social-media sell today. You don’t always have to shake hands, do you? That Saturn in Cancer and transiting Pluto trouncing his sun suggest that the powers-that-be will tell him to split like a banana.

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