Pete Buttigieg – Government Lizard

Lounges have “lizards.” Bars have “flies.” Gyms have “rats.” What do governments have?

Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

Why do these planets like government?

Mars, which rules Aries, likes competition. Did you pass me on the freeway? No you don’t. For Mars, everything is a competition which is why it’s drawn to sports. Competition can improve one’s abilities but at its worst creates a loss of self as one competes over nonsense and follows the running crowd without even knowing the destination or end goal.

Saturn, which rules Capricorn, likes order and control. Your backyard isn’t a backyard until Saturn builds a fence. If Saturn didn’t build borders, humanity would be one glutinous whole, like the rice in a tamale, breathing one breath. No Saturn, no individual self and, of course, no competition because what would a glutinous whole be competing against?

Pluto, which rules Scorpio, likes power, the kind that is generated by exploding stars, the kind that comes from this mysterious force called charisma, the kind that motivates others to do their best but can also motivate them to do their worst. “Plutocracy” comes from Pluto and describes a government in which the wealthy rule. Money is energy; power is how energy is used and Pluto is power.

Government Lizards

If Mars, Saturn and Pluto like government, what happens when they combine forces? Then you get Hillary Clinton with Mars, Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Leo. Rather than charisma, she carried the projection of these lizard-like forces and was viscerally disliked by many, even by some of those who voted for her.

Our quintessential government lizard Richard Nixon had Pluto in the house of career opposed to Mars. During the two years of Watergate until his resignation in August 1974, transiting Saturn was crossing his Pluto and entered his house of career essentially ending it.

Our beloved Thomas Jefferson had Mars and Saturn conjunct in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio. Like any politician, he had both allies and enemies but today we can’t feel the Mars/Saturn/Pluto and brush its tedious details, like having sex with the slaves, under the rug and revere his adventuresome Aries sun and Sagittarius moon with its broad intellect and need for discovery.


When Mars, Saturn or Pluto make certain aspects to the moon (conjunct which is next to, square which is 90 degrees away and opposite which is 180 degrees away), the Mars, Saturn and Pluto energies become a compulsion rather than simply a desire. The moon can also represent women in one’s life, regardless of one’s gender. Generally there are issues with women, power struggles.

Mars aspects to the moon means that I want what I want now, now, now. It can also bring a great self-centeredness, depending on the signs involved. It is a very demanding aspect. There is a lot of emotional energy that others may find overwhelming. While this aspect likes government, it’s also fond of sports of leadership in any social setting.

Saturn aspects to the moon bring a strong need for control of the environment and one’s feelings. This aspect makes fine policemen too as enforcing the rules is a great pleasure. Saturn ultimately wants social order so those fences and borders are meant to prevent chaos. Saturn is the planet that most loves government.

Pluto aspects to the moon bring a compulsion for power over others. Here you can have suffocating closeness, the devouring mother (moon rules the mother) and a possession by others. Pluto crosses boundaries and penetrates, with or without permission. So this aspect can be emotional or physical possession, even rape. Pluto is drawn not just to government, but also to other forms of power such as religious leaders or any business, whether legal or not.

Mothers – don’t let your babies have difficult aspects to the moon!

Pete Buttigieg

Speaking of government lizards, while doing the 15-minute Shakespeare rundown of Democratic candidates, the horoscope of Pete Buttigieg stood out. This is one driven individual, as we can also see from his curriculum vitae.

Buttigieg has Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Libra square (most of it) his sun in Capricorn. This creates an individual easily frustrated who wants to work with others, but also have its own way leading to difficulties in partnership. These three planets together appear to be charming (Libra) but are very determined to get what they want. Beware of the charm offensive!

The moon is either in Scorpio or Sagittarius. In either sign, it is conjunct Uranus, which is normally not associated with politics as it provides sudden insight and does the unexpected. There’s an additional Uranus cast to the horoscope with Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed sign so it’s quite stubborn, like Capricorn, but also brings uniqueness or eccentricity.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. Scorpio is intense, rule by Pluto. Neptune in Sagittarius is the release valve in this horoscope (unless the moon is in Sagittarius) and is the seeker of heights, the challenger of the status quo and Don Quixote on horseback.

Combined, Buttigieg has confidence and mission, but also a level of insecurity. Libra wants to be liked and no matter that Mars/Saturn/Pluto are driven power brokers, there’s a bit of weakness in this aspect as it wants to look good at all costs.

If you could “build a politician” like you can “build a bear,” these are most of the signs and aspects you’d stuff inside.


According to this New York Times article, Buttigieg came out as gay in 2015. In that year, transiting Saturn was in Sagittarius first crossing Uranus (and possibly moon) and then Neptune.

Saturn transiting Uranus is a good time to tell the authorities “no.” Usually it causes some trouble but is necessary for one to be the true self. When Saturn crossed his Neptune at the end of 2017, there may have been some depression.

Now transiting Jupiter is in Sagittarius which provides the optimism and confidence that would lead one to run for president.

But what about 2020?

In 2020, the skies will be shedding earth energy upon us with Jupiter moving into earth-sign Capricorn to join Saturn and Pluto in that sign. Uranus with be in earth-sign Taurus. Neptune will be in water-sign Pisces.

For those with a predominance of air and fire energy, these are going to be tough times because it will feel like the cops busted up the party and the neighbors are planning to tell the cops you are under drinking age unless you fork over some cash.

But for the serious and intense among us, these times will be what they live for – saving democracy from authoritarianism, saving the planet from destruction and making sure your money can still buy things. Or they could do the opposite.

With a horoscope like this, Buttigieg is geared for Capricorn times. However, he might be better suited for the Pluto in Aquarius times that come in 2023. Expect to find Buttigieg in your political life for many years to come.


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