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Trump is Right

There, I said it. US President Donald Trump is right. He likened new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to himself. Like Trump, Johnson is brazen, bold and inconsistent and also, like Trump, branded a narcissist. This is clearly the new trend in leadership.

A description of Johnson from The Atlantic:

Yet, whether nature or nurture, this transformation from Alexander to Boris lies at the heart of the man who is likely to become British prime minister. This is Boris Johnson the enigma: the American Englishman, born in the New World but raised in the traditions of the old; a genuine intellect wrapped in a veneer of buffoonery; someone who has dismissed Donald Trump as “clearly out of his mind” and betraying a “quite stupefying ignorance,” yet remains on friendly terms with the notoriously thin-skinned president; a self-confessed megalomaniac who shies away from confrontation; a disheveled mess who bumbles from one success to the next.

Here is a man with a yearning to be loved—a “neediness” in the words of one biographer—that can reveal itself in a jaw-dropping recklessness, a “man-child politician” seemingly unable to control himself yet at the same time intensely focused. In his hands, Britain now finds itself in a moment of maximum danger—and opportunity.

You’ve probably guessed that not only do Johnson and Trump share personality traits; they also share a zodiac sign – Gemini. Johnson is born June 19; Trump, June 14.

While the personality traits of both men are consistent with the sign of Gemini (yes, in their inconsistency they are consistent), don’t think all Geminis are human cyclones.

The best of Gemini (and its ruler Mercury) is its incredible intelligence, ability to assimilate information and superior communication skills. Who wouldn’t want this in a leader?

Gemini is also able to adapt and is truly agile, a word overused in the workplace today to force change and innovation. Change is what is both desired and needed for masses of population on the globe. Who wouldn’t want a Gemini to help lead change?

In our desire for change, we may have gone a bit extreme. The youthful inquisitiveness and openness of Gemini for Johnson and Trump is unfortunately the “man child” who won’t grow up. While we like the openness of children, we also like them to eat their vegetables so that they grow up healthy and strong. And many children, don’t forget, want to grow up.

The moon in Trump’s chart is in Sagittarius. For Johnson, sources indicate a 2 pm birth time which places the moon in the very early degrees of Scorpio. However, when someone provides a time on the hour or half hour, I’m always a little suspect. Yes, you can be born at 10 am sharp, but the chances of being born exactly on the hour or half hour are 3%. So it’s possible Johnson’s moon is in the late degrees of air sign Libra, which is intelligent like Gemini but not as focused or as penetrating as Scorpio.

While Trump has Uranus conjunct sun, for Johnson Uranus is square the sun. The difference is that Trump’s inconsistencies are part and parcel with his identity. For Johnson, his inconsistencies are caused by reaction to dissenting views.

Saturn, one’s greatest challenge, for both men is in a water sign (Pisces for Johnson; Cancer for Trump). Intellect alone does not satisfy the deep inner longings of homo sapiens traveling for moments of eternity on earth. Johnson struggles to create a spiritual bond and Trump struggles to create a familial bond. Both probably feel unloved in different ways.

Are you starting to believe in astrology now?

Pulling Braids

Speaking of man-child behavior, I’m wondering if Trump’s attack on four female democratic house representatives – Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – isn’t the case of a naughty boy pulling the hair of a girl who sits in front of him in class.

If you’re an adult, you may have to think hard to remember that when you were pre-teen, you often reacted to your puppy-love crush by doing something stupid rather than openly affectionate (unless you are a Libra or Pisces).

My theory: First, we know Trump likes girls. Second, the four women are quite lovely. And lastly, from a sun-sign perspective, all would be traditionally compatible with Trump’s Gemini sun. Pressley is an Aquarius, Tlaib is a Leo, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are Libras.

We know from the last several years (unless we’ve been suspended in deep freeze) that Trump likes to provoke. While 95% of the time I’m convinced he’s not truly as smart as his sun sign would suggest (China pays for tariffs with no affect to the consumer, for example), 5% of the time I’m convinced that he’s just having the time of his life saying whatever and seeing what happens.

I’ll admit, it sounds kind of fun to act crazy and see what others do in response. Humor you? Fear you? Commit you?

It’s also a form of psychic vampirism, stealing the energy of others by provoking response.

Telling four beautiful American women (in America) to “go back to where they came from,” is a way to get four beautiful American women to look your way. These four women were probably busy doing other things, like their jobs or taking care of their families.

Pressley’s Saturn is conjunct Trump’s sun so she’ll be the one to put him in his place (detention? principal’s office?).

Now that he is president, Trump doesn’t have the private leisure time to go to Vegas and see beautiful women. So he has to pick on them instead. And it’s free. All you get for free is a reprimand.


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