Trump’s Liver Year is Almost Over

Do you long for the days of yesteryear when there were days, weeks, even months without thought of the president of the United States?

Sure you saw him on television talking about this or that. You agreed or didn’t agree and went back to eating your supper.

Ah, the early 2000s!

The omnipresent, time-manipulating, attention-grabbing, energy-sucking President Trump is a symptom of a political system manipulated into decay that has finally reached a critical point. This is it, folks; we’re at the fork in the road and it’s time to make important, critical decisions.

Pluto in Capricorn is steering this path and is asking how much power and control we want to give to others in general and at this decision-making time. We agree to forfeit land so that cross-country roads can be built. But did we agree that it’s okay for corporate entities to own the genetic code for food?

Trump’s role has been to both bring all of the underlying corruption of US politics to the surface and then, counter to that, to distract so that what’s truly important must put up a strenuous fight to sustain awareness.

In past times, government kept secrets from its people; today, all information (except Trump tax returns) is available and supported or countered with additional information from supporters or opponents. Ironically, both methods have the same effect – people don’t know the truth. It’s drought or flood and neither supports a healthy crop.

One major distraction is gun control / gun rights. Against the threat of government incursion into one’s life, they are useless. How can a gun protect against ownership of genetic code? Or a polluted water supply that’s polluted far upstream? The idea that we can overthrow the government with guns is an 18th century reality and a 21st century delusion (don’t forget about the drones).

Pluto in Capricorn is about the power within the system, the power created by the system and who ultimately controls the system. Or as Shoshana Zuboff writes in The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, who decides who decides?

And for these times, one of the world’s powerful countries has a leader who does not follow the rules of any system. Clever way to evolve, it is.

Trump’s Liver Year

President Trump certainly didn’t cause the major issues that have arisen during his tenure as president – he’s clearly not clever enough to even understand them. But he’s been instrumental through his undisciplined and irresponsible nature to bring to light all that needs attention.

Thank you.

The fiscal year from December 2018 – December 2019 has been Trump’s “Liver Year.” Jupiter has been transiting Sagittarius which is the sign in which Trump’s moon resides. At this moment, Jupiter is now almost exactly on his moon. This is the peak of his “liverish” year.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the organ the liver. To be “liverish” is to be unhappy and ill-tempered, even though Jupiter and Sagittarius are generally more good natured. But both the planet and sign are associated with excess and desire for heightened awareness which sometimes includes alcohol or drugs which is how the liver gets involved. The liver must de-toxify our excesses.

Trump’s moon is opposing his natal sun and Uranus in Gemini which is flexible and fun, spontaneous and bold, uncontrolled and impulsive. Trump is an embodiment of this energy as folks not born into his wealth and privilege must exert some self-control (whether they want to or not) to survive. So others with these same aspects who live regular lives probably have to contain this energy. (As an aside, Newt Gingrich has the same sun/Uranus/moon aspects although has Saturn near his sun which may be why he is much more focused and purpose-driven intellectually than Trump).

The Liver Year Ends

Trump’s Liver Year Ends on December 3 when Jupiter moves into Capricorn, joining Saturn and Pluto in that sign. Hopefully he calms down. For Trump, planets in Capricorn land in his 5th house, the house of creativity, romance and children.

Capricorn in Trump’s chart is “intercepted” which means it’s not expressed openly. So we don’t see the sense of responsibility and discipline that is used to direct his creative life and his children. His children probably see a very different man than the one we see on television and read on Twitter.

So what happens when the Liver Year ends?

While Trump has no natal planets in Capricorn, he does have several in Cancer, the opposite sign. Trump will most likely become increasingly closer to his family. Saturn, the planet that can represent what we lack, is in Cancer in Trump’s horoscope. Trump clearly does not feel a sense of belonging to a family, which is why he probably favors our national foes more than our friends. He’s rebelling against his national “family” because he doesn’t feel he belongs (if you don’t like me, I’ll make friends elsewhere).

During the next year after Jupiter enters Capricorn, Trump may develop that sense of belonging to both his family and his party. Although Trump is a purported Republican and has certainly advanced some Republican agendas, Trump is not really one of them either.

Trump’s children are already involved in government (Pluto has been transiting Capricorn his entire presidency); Jupiter in Capricorn will probably increase their involvement.

With planets transiting the 5th, there is always a chance for more children in one’s life – either as a parent or as a grandparent.

Becoming a grandparent often brings joy. For Trump, it may not bring joy but that Capricorn feeling that time is passing and one is getting old. For a man who likes to be center of attention every minute of every day, Trump very noticeably avoids birthday attention probably because it speaks to his advancing age.


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