Thoughts on Mercury during Mercury Retrograde

While lying on the electrical stimulation machine at the chiropractor’s office, my thoughts were about the astrological Mercury. It’s clear I’m neurologically programmed for astrology as spine stimulation leads to thoughts of planets and signs.

While it’s a common cliché that communication is critical to healthy relationships, there’s so much evidence to the contrary. If all it takes is talking, why don’t people, who talk all the time, get along?

If talking were the cure to dysfunctional interactions, then this should be the happiest planet in the whole entire universe.

As a meditator I’m always pleasantly surprised how a group of individuals can live and sit together for days quietly with no conflict. Maybe, too, I remember all the meditation teacher says because I’m quiet and listening. Knowing I won’t be able to ask a question, I don’t spend mental time preparing for the question or assessing whether the teacher has already answered it. I just listen.

How many of your daily troubles stem from talking? Is talking the solution to problems or the cause?

In meditation retreats, there is agreement on how we will behave and share space. It’s the agreement, not the talking, that makes for conflict-free time together. And by not talking and agreeing to leave each person to his/her own space, we allow them to be free.

Mercury in the Horoscope

What’s also interesting about the astrological Mercury is that, because it travels so close to the sun, the sign in which it’s placed in a horoscope is either: 1) your sun sign; 2) the sign before; or 3) the sign after.

Your sun is your conscious self. Mercury in the same sign indicates your communication matches your conscious self.

In the sign before or after, the communication style is different than your conscious self. And the sign before and after aren’t naturally compatible with the sun sign, although not entirely incompatible.

So, for example, if you have sun in Cancer, an emotional water sign, your Mercury could be in air-sign Gemini, which makes you seem more analytical and rational than you feel. Or it could be in fire-sign Leo which makes you seem confident when you actually want to crawl in your shell. With Mercury in either of these signs, you might not communicate the emotional sensitivity you experience.

So two thirds of folks have Mercury placed in sign not entirely compatible with their conscious nature.

And we trust Mercury to make our lives peaceful?

Like all planets, Mercury has its role, which (for me) is the interpretation of the living experience. We interpret through signs and symbols including language. That’s why this super-important planet that decides how we perceive is also known as a trickster planet – because signs, symbols and language are not the thing itself. It’s easy to be fooled by language and symbols and signs.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, being close to the sun, also appears from our earthly vantage point to travel backwards with some regularity. This is called retrograde.

When Mercury is retrograde, your astrologer will remind you that it’s not a good time to sign legal papers and you must be very careful in communication.

Yet, knowing Mercury, when is this not true?

My own thoughts are that during Mercury retrograde you simply notice more how communication is not an object, like say, a rock, and therefore can mislead, morph and dissemble. During Mercury retrograde you simply notice something you missed the first (or second or third) time.

The United States currently has a president with Geminin sun which is ruled by Mercury. The president’s Mercury, however, is in Cancer. So he may communicate more emotionally than he actually feels. And we are learning great lessons about the unreliability of communication, especially verbal language and social media snippets of thought.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

This Mercury retrograde from October 31 to November 20 is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. That means the emotions are strong and intense, the kind that lead to obsession.

Scorpio is also (to me) the detective of the zodiac as it understands your emotional motivations which, some believe (as I do) that these are the roots of all your behavior. What you say (Mercury) never overrules the actions for Scorpio’s assessment of your aims.

Likewise with Mercury retrograde in this sign, you may notice that others have not let go of certain emotions toward you. They said (Mercury) they forgave you but their heart did not. Or they said (Mercury) it was okay to be just friends and not lovers but they are constantly hoping you return to intimacy.

Or, also ruled by Scorpio, the money you borrowed must now be returned. They said (Mercury) that you could pay it back whenever you wished, but now they need the money. And, as any astrologer may tell you, be sure to check on those actual loans to make sure they are paid current.

If, for example, you have one of those “borrow now pay later” loans, you may find that if you didn’t pay in a specific way, you will owe a lot of interest. The loan papers will say (Mercury) that, but who understands all that tiny legal print?

Taxes are also ruled by Scorpio so be careful that you know what you are paying and what you can potentially owe.

Lastly, Scorpio rules death which is when our bodies are penetrated by the source and the “I” is removed. During Mercury retrograde, you may experience dreams of ancestors or reminders of their influence on you. For example, do you serve cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving because you like it or because the voice of your departed relative is entreating you to include it?

Mercury retrograde is Mercury in its true nature. It’s not really backwards or forwards it’s just Mercury being Mercury in one of its mercurial ways.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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  1. Donna says:

    Thanks Ohio astrology. That was the best read since I don’t know when.

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