Manifesting Virgo

While talking to a relative, he mentioned watching an old Sean Connery James Bond movie and expressed how much he liked them although he didn’t know why.

One reason they may be so enjoyable, especially during sheltering-in-place, is that the Bond movies from the 1960s are glamorous. The characters gamble in fancy casinos (without worry about the bills); they drink fancy drinks (with no hangovers); they smoke (but never cough); they drive without seatbelts and board planes with no security; they have sex without protection; they use phones without wiping them off; they lie in the sun without sunscreen. They never wash their hands.

They live glamorously and in this moment of time may be said to live dangerously.

In these movies, characters indulge in their pleasures as pleasures without analysis or guilt. They do not drink their martinis and say, “I’m going to have to go the gym tomorrow and burn this off.” They do not eat their dinners while worrying about consuming carbohydrates. They don’t count steps or lie in the sun for the purpose of “getting Vitamin D.”

If a woman is lying in the sun in a Bond movie, she is enjoying herself.

This is Neptune (which rules Pisces) – both the glamour and allure of the moving picture and the enjoyment of life without analysis. Spying is also very much ruled by Neptune being mysterious and secretive.

It’s no wonder that Connery was chosen for this role – he has Neptune conjunct his sun in Pisces.

Manifesting Virgo

The old Bond movies may be so appealing in general and especially so now because if Neptune is glamorous, we are currently reduced to the opposite – what is tangible and essential: 1) food; 2) health and 3) work (for those who can).

The natal horoscope is a circle segmented into 12 areas called “houses” representing the areas of a human life. Those 12 houses consist of six polarities which can be summarized as such:

  1. self/others
  2. my stuff/your stuff
  3. factual learning/conceptual learning
  4. personal consciousness/social consciousness
  5. self expression/group expression
  6. analysis/synthesis.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign that rules the 6th house which is health, work, diet and pets. It’s the “analysis” side of the Virgo – Pisces polarity. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and as such does a lot of thinking. Since the concerns are practical, this thinking is called “worrying” and many a Virgo suffers from mental dissipation and exhaustion. Worry about health and diet makes Virgo the hypochondriac of the zodiac.

In our world today in which we are preventing global outbreak of illness, those actively engaged in work (in this country at least) are those in the realm of Virgo – food and health workers. Sanitation workers and many others of course are working as deemed critical.

So is there a bunch of Virgo energy in the skies?

No, not at all.

What is in play is a great deal of energy in Capricorn with energy of Taurus and Pisces. Each element (there are four – fire, earth, air, and water) contains three signs which is called the trine. The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Then there’s water energy coming from Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is the sign opposite Virgo.

So the one earth sign missing is Virgo which also happens to be the opposite sign from where Neptune is placed.

Virgo energy isn’t the dominant energy but appears to be the missing piece that connects the energies that are (and should be) the focus of our attention.

The Manifested and Unmanifested

When something manifests, its complementary half is unmanifested. Virgo is the unmanifested energy of the earth trine and the unmanifested energy of Neptune in Pisces.

Yet it’s manifesting.

Virgo appears to have manifested so that we would focus on what’s energized now: Transformation of Capricorn social structures; shock to Taurus body, property and money; and spiritualization of spirituality (not a typo).

Virgo appears to have manifested to ignite the the energies that should be addressed such as restructuring society. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and tore down the financial structures right away – and like today it was global. But we didn’t restructure, we put stilts under existing structures hoping to keep them steady and above any new tidal waves.

In my country, there are some great ironies in this situation. While much business has closed to help keep the public safe, many of those people being kept from illness will now lose their health insurance (it being tied to employment in this country). It’s Virgo but it’s not. This is where Capricorn comes in to build structures and systems for public health.

Uranus in Taurus is a shock to provide awareness to the body, property and money. As we can see, it takes only two weeks to collapse a global financial system.

During this time, my country has learned that we have a great reliance on foreign places for essential goods. This is where Taurus comes in to help determine what “stuff” is needed and what “stuff” should be readily available locally.

Neptune is Pisces is raw spirituality – spirituality that has no name, no boundaries and no membership cards. Neptune in Pisces is the empathetic self that is already fully connected and emotionally nourished.

While folks are experiencing a world of Virgo, what is socially acceptable is now in the realm of Pisces. Known for escapism, the negative side of Pisces is excessive drug and alcohol consumption and any form of escape through media – what’s today called binge watching TV or constant gaming, etc. In Ohio, it is now legal to deliver some alcohol with food orders – one point for Neptune!

And who wouldn’t want to be in a Bond movie right now driving fast cars, gambling, drinking and smoking with no ramifications!

Neptune in Pisces is spiritual and there are many who seek this very type of seclusion we are experiencing for the purpose of insight and growth. That’s another manifestation of Pisces which merges rather than escapes. It’s a gift from Neptune but a gift not familiar and many may not enjoy it so well. It’s a gift of time and space.

Virgo historically is the sign of service. In a strange way, Virgo has done us a service.


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