The United States’ Pluto Return: Fear Disguised as Mistrust

While chopping mushrooms purchased at the grocery store, it occurred to me what a great deal of trust I have in the American food supply system. Mushrooms, such an interesting fungus, to my lay understanding come in three major varieties: 1) edible; 2) hallucinogenic; and 3) deadly.

If grocery stores shut down, it might be a while before I consumed mushrooms as I don’t know an edible one from the other two categories and wouldn’t trust simple visual identification due to the deadly risk. Personally, my strategy would be to consult an authoritative book on the subject. Book learning is much different from experience (as Christopher McCandless of Into the Wild learned tragically) so prior to hunting and eating my mushrooms  I would consult friends who have done this actively for years. I would ask to tag along learning from experience to embellish what I had read and learn the nuances of fungi which can look similar but are different.

That’s my strategy. What’s yours?

As I observe the reactions of my people in this time of pandemic, I hear a lot of mistrust of government and authorities. But scratch the surface and what I believe you will find is actually a great deal of trust, too much trust, among the majority population. The persecuted minorities are constantly and consistently informing the majority of this.

Unlike people in other nations, we don’t fear that when we go to bed at night our currency will be worthless in the morning. We stopped fearing nuclear war sometime in the 1990s. We don’t fear invasion of our shores by imperialist others. When we want to make spaghetti, we trust that we will find tomatoes, basil, pasta and salt at the grocery store. We eat the mushrooms.

In late 2007 when Pluto first entered Capricorn the system broke and the trust we had that our houses would always increase in value was shaken. But that fear went away as the “mistrusted” government stepped in and made the mortgage back securities disappear (officially called quantitative easing).

What caused the crash? Did we change anything to prevent another occurrence? Are those measures still in place? Could it happen again?

The questions don’t matter – our house values returned so we returned to trust.

As children we are taught that a heavyset gregarious man in red will come down our chimneys (even if we don’t have one) and bring us gifts. This makes us happy and when we learn it is a myth meant to instill joys in childhood, most accept this and retain a trust in their parents and the culture that perpetuates it.

This trust and perpetuation of myth creates a great portion of our economy.

Pluto Return Red Alert

Pluto is completing its final stages of Capricorn and when it hits 27 degrees, which it will first do in February 2022, the United States will have officially made it through one evolutionary cycle.

Unlike the textbook evolution of gradual and continual improvement, evolution appears to be a more rocky, tumultuous experience. We learn; we forget. We trust, we get hurt, we trust again.

In Capricorn, the lessons are about social conscience, social structure, authority, success, failure, worldly achievement, respect, responsibility and the limits of human existence. It’s serious stuff for a nation that is not known by other countries to be serious in nature but rather socially inclined.

Pluto is now in the late degrees of Capricorn and by traditional astrological standards is “in orb” or in effect. It will remain in orb for the next four years and even longer if you do out-of-sign aspects. Watching my culture eagerly waiting for the pandemic cure that will restore life to “normal” is to watch a people avoid its deeper evolutionary lesson.

Capricorn’s greatest fear is not death but failure. Success and respect are what it ultimately seeks.

Today’s mistrust of all Capricorn by the majority who are the beneficiaries of natal Pluto in Capricorn is an expression of fear through the more face-saving device of cynicism.

There is much to fear – loss of life, loss of family, loss of income, loss of the ability to choose. Is it wrong to express these fears?

In response to fear, Capricorn defaults to control. Capricorn’s involved rules of behavior support a social stability that makes it feel safe. When the system breaks down, so does the safety. The more control a a Capricorn exerts, the more underlying fear. Capricorn is also known for its strong boundaries and defenses.

Mistrust is a defense.


Responsibility is one of the key words of Capricorn. With too much Capricorn energy, there is the Atlas Syndrome of having to carry the burden of the world on its shoulders. The irony here is that the United States through its military and economic policies influences the livelihood of peoples all over the world. We’ve created a responsibility we are not emotionally geared to handle.

Pluto in Capricorn is not easy. Pluto’s method is compulsion. We don’t have a choice.

For the United States to make it safely through our Pluto return, we have to first admit our fear. By disguising it in mistrust we are avoiding responsibility for what we have created.

When we admit our fear, we release our fear. We then redirect our trust to our fellow people, all of them, who like us create and support our system every single day. Every one of them.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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