Time to Start Checking In On your Aquarius Friends

The other day my female cat asked me how Justin Timberlake was doing.

“How would I know?” I replied. “It’s not like we’re friends.”

“But you can look at his chart,” she said.

“Well, if that’s what you meant why didn’t you just ask it that way?”

You’d think after all these years it would be easy to ask for a chart reading for Justin Timberlake. I know my cat is quite the fan of his amazing voice and super talent. Asking an astrologer for a chart is like asking Bernie Sanders to talk about inequality – pretty easy. But I was curious about the sudden interest and asked.

She gave me one of those “how stupid can humans be look” and replied that with the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, she wanted to make sure he was okay.

Makes sense.

The Aquarius Wave

At the winter solstice this year, Jupiter and Saturn will both meet in Aquarius. Jupiter will stay in Aquarius for a year while Saturn has about two more years in that sign. When that is complete, Pluto will start its ingress into Aquarius.

Jupiter and Saturn are laying the path for Pluto’s transformation of that sign. Those of sun sign Aquarius will have a direct hit as we prepare for the shift. Aquarius is the energy of fixed air, strong idealizations, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, personhoods, humanity, invention, eccentricity, rebellion. Like all fixed signs, it’s stubborn.

Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts and Pluto destroys and evolves.  While Jupiter and Saturn transit Aquarius, Uranus will be in fixed earth sign Taurus which creates a square, or tense, aspect. The journey of Aquarian ideas and invention in times of change will clash with the Taurus need for here-and-now security. Remember, Aquarius is often described as the genius who is not believed in his/her own time.

All of that will be occurring with your Aquarius friends (and family, but Aquarius rules friendships so even Aquarius family is more like friend than family). Air signs focus on identity so expect your Aquarius friends to become several different people in the next few years.

So it’s a good time to start checking in on them. Make them a cup of tea. Prepare them.

Famous Aquarius Friends

Justin Timberlake

Of the ten “planets” in a horoscope, Timberlake has five in air and two in fire making him extroverted, social and, of course, amazingly talented. With only a small dose of water (Neptune in Scorpio and Mercury in Pisces) and wee little earth (Venus in Capricorn) Timberlake is not what you’d call grounded.

So I told the cat to expect some identity shakeups with her favorite performer.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is now conjunct the natal Venus in Capricorn which might be telling Timberlake with moon/Neptune in Sagittarius that he’s not really the marrying kind. Pluto in Libra square that Venus in Capricorn makes him controlling in relationships although he seems himself as totally free. Saturn is also in Libra, not conjunct Pluto, but also suggesting a need for control in relationships.

The Aquarius energy will bring him an increased need for freedom as well as more rebellious, outlandish and eccentric identity changes. Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius likes the heightened experience which as a famous person can come from increased performing if not from other experiences or drugs. When allowed, he may do some traveling.

In summary, for the cat, Timberlake will probably increase in creativity, exploration and expression while decreasing in grounded activities such as staying home, planting a garden and being married.

Ellen DeGeneres

Like Timberlake, variety show host Ellen DeGeneres has lots of fire and air with sun and Venus in air-sign Aquarius, Saturn and Mars in fire-sign Sagittarius, moon in fire-sign Aries and Uranus in fire-sign Leo.

Mercury in Capricorn and Pluto in Virgo are earth signs. Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio are water.

Saturn and Mars together in any sign can tend toward aggression and meanness. Moon in Aries is also aggressive, competitive, bold and daring. DeGeneres might talk like a studied, serious Capricorn and appear as a Venus/sun best-friend Aquarius but she’s actually quite competitive and would probably be okay pushing you out of the way.

Air feeds fire so DeGeneres is probably planning her next competitive move. Expect more not less public involvement from DeGeneres during this Aquarius energy. Expect new, new, new.

Oprah Winfrey

The First Female Friend was Aquarius Oprah Winfrey. In a common theme with Timberlake and DeGeneres, there’s a moon in fire-sign Sagittarius.

The talk show host has five planets in talking-element air (Venus/sun/Mercury in Aquarius ; Jupiter in Gemini; Neptune in Libra). Talking, socializing, acting, networking, promoting reading – all great uses of her horoscope.

Uranus is water-sign Cancer opposed by transiting Pluto in Capricorn. These last degrees of the long Pluto-in-Capricorn transit are probably affecting Winfrey’s family life – huge shifts and shocks in family members or family units or the comforts of family.

Natal Saturn and Mars are in fixed water-sign Scorpio which is square to Aquarius. The Aquarius activities in which she’s engaged are at the expense of deeper relationships required by Scorpio. Back to the theme of family, there are emotional demands being made on Winfrey that can be a challenge for air signs to deliver.

Winfrey will probably spend the early part of the Aquarius energies involved in more personal demands. I expect her public life will be more sporadic. She will probably spend more time at home.

Michael Jordan

My “famous Aquarius” search brought up Michael Jordan. Yes, even though I don’t follow sports I know who this is.

I was reluctant to include him here because we have yet another Sagittarius moon! I see our Aquarius besties have fire in addition to air. Jordan also has Mars in fire-sign Leo.

But all charts are different and Jordan was born with Uranus/Pluto in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces which are T-square the Sagittarius moon. Jordan in contrast to the previous Aquarius personalities, has a kind of dissatisfaction with it all, a searching for something he can’t quite identify.

Jordan’s Aquarius transformations will most likely involve some spirituality or search for peace. He will try to break the air-water boundaries of astrology where air likes to be with you, maybe even romance you but has difficulty when you sitting crying about your life. Jordan will try to be there for you at your most emotional moments.

I’m wondering if Jordan will become (or maybe he is, let me check) a motivational speaker/ spiritual counselor. My Internet search suggests he’s already started helping humanity. Expect more.

Harry Styles

Singer-songwriter Harry Styles is of that generation that was born to solve all the problems revealed in the year 20/20. Congratulations!

Styles is of the generation born with Neptune/Uranus conjunct. For Styles, both are in Capricorn during a time of glorification and growth of corporations and multi-nationals. Pluto in Capricorn has created some disillusionment in these areas.

Mars/sun/Mercury are in Aquarius for Styles. Moon in Libra is also an air-sign and very much interested in partnership of all kinds – romantic, roommates, walking mates, business partners, etc. Styles might not like to be alone although as a good Aquarius might wander off unexpectedly. But he’ll come back. He just needed to go, you know, off for a minute.

Jupiter/Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces (all water signs) shows a need to connect. Like a digital device created since his birth, Styles probably connects, disconnects, powers up, powers down and uses up the battery with a consistent but not completely regular pattern. Because of this, Styles is unpredictable to those around him.

The Aquarius energy with Uranus-in-Taurus disruption will create internal conflict as he tries to create a consistent identity while having inconsistent impulses.

Who says you have to be the same person every day? Who made up that rule?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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