Jupiter in Pisces – A Wider Ocean

OMG! Jupiter is moving into Pisces tomorrow and there’s no blog! It’s late. What will people do without it?

Those are Virgo thoughts, the opposite of Pisces. Jupiter the planet of expansion, generosity and benevolence is moving into the sign of Pisces which is an emotional and empathetic water sign. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is currently transiting its own sign.

Jupiter and Neptune have some things in common – a generosity, desire to help others, vision, philosophy and wisdom. These two planets also share some bad habits of indulgence and excess. Jupiter tends to run away to less restrictive pastures and Neptune “escapes” in any way escape from the human body exists – drugs, alcohol, fantasy, and media.

Jupiter in Pisces is very happy floating in the unstructured waters of the ocean. You don’t have to plan, plan, plan with this transit. You can float, float, float. Or drift, drift, drift. It feels so nice – why don’t we do it more?

Jupiter will only dip its toe into Pisces for a little over two months then return to Aquarius for more social distancing I’m sure until the Powers-That-Be realize that Digital Happy Hour without surreptitious touching, cheap drinks and slurred, drunken gossip isn’t really “happy.”

In fact, Pisces is the next set of hit-and-run transits: Neptune already from 2012-2025; then Jupiter from 2021-2022 and then Saturn from 2023-2026.

What does that mean?

It means during the Neptune transit we glamorized all things Pisces; in Jupiter we expand on that. And when Saturn arrives we hit the breaks on Pisces seeing its limits.

What have we glamorized?

Moving image, drugs both legal and illegal, alcohol. Mr. Rogers (double Pisces).

Living a life of isolation has never been more enjoyable with these Neptune distractions. Yet, in addition to Happy Hours not being as happy without human interaction, life without emotional and spiritual connection is a great part of addiction as research is discovering. When your life is meaningful (and safe) there is less desire to escape it. The traditional experimental results of the rat choosing the alcohol over water changes when the rat has company in his cage; the traditional experiment has a lonely rat. Bring his rat family and he’s not a natural alcoholic.

For the next couple years, Jupiter and Neptune will continue the expansion of these indoor highs to keep us from experiencing the depression that would result from decreased social interaction.

And of course there’s always the possibility of a transit’s highest order – Jupiter in Pisces is assisting Neptune in Pisces with a harmonious, spiritually-connected life with our fellow men. Often sharing a difficult life experience can make people closer. The news doesn’t support this – it supports the opposite – but Jupiter in Pisces is eternal hope.

And I know from personal experience that people can get along, share a connection even with different mind beliefs. Every time I attend a silent retreat I see that humans can cooperate. And I have something else to share about it: when you do this, you start to love everyone. That’s Jupiter in Pisces too.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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