Amy Carlson: Saturn in Leo Has Won

Love Has Won cult leader Amy Carlson was recently found entombed in the cult’s compound. Avid readers know I can’t pass by a cult story, as fascinating as they always are. Avid readers also know that Ohio Astrology acknowledges all cultures as cults, just larger, more dominant ones.

According to this BBC article, the cult has been accused of “brainwashing people and stealing their money.” Welcome to the world, where everyone is trying to sell you something. Humans need physical essentials – food, water and shelter. And modern society creates its own needs – transportation, banking, etc. But so much of what we see today is generally marketing. Everyone wants to create a need in you (real or fake) to then solve.

In the realm of religious belief, much is offered that does not need to be delivered on your back porch like an Amazon package. Much is acquired in life by some with these after-life promises to others. It’s easier in some ways – nothing to deliver in the here-and-now; and more difficult in other ways – you need exert a lot of effort to maintain continual lack and promise. That is why, I always reason, cults go to extremes because day-to-day life can lose luster.

So cults are just small, extreme and noticeable traits that can be found quite prevalently the in everyday life of the culture in which it was established.

Spock voice: But fascinating nonetheless.

Amy Carlson

According to this Wikipedia site, Love Has Won leader Amy Carlson was born November 30, 1975. Sun is in Sagittarius, which is definitely a sign that would go on a spiritual quest. The desire for meaning and to help others is also strong.

Without time of birth we don’t know the rising sign. By planet placement, Carlson lacks the earth element or grounding and care of practical matters. So definitely a dreamer.

Uranus and moon are conjunct in Scorpio for both intense and erratic emotions and constantly-changing obsessions. The erratic emotional states are almost like a separate personality in a horoscope that is otherwise social and nicely connected.

The sun/Mercury/Neptune in Sagittarius is that explorer, visionary. Trine to Jupiter and Saturn could bring both leadership and responsibility. For all of the wackiness we see from the outside in a cult, Carlson most likely took her leadership very, very seriously.

Not knowing how she died (yet), it’s interesting to speculate. There are no harsh transits of Pluto, Saturn and Mars which can indicate cruelty and/or violence. My guess is transiting Uranus in Taurus – an earth sign which she lacks – opposite the natal moon/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio brought on a physical illness that created emotional resistance. Scorpio rules the genitals so possibly she passed away from a female illness such as uterine cancer. Or possibly in square to natal Saturn in Leo, heart issues.

The transit is out of orb, meaning it would have been activated a year or two ago. Possibly that is when the illness began and now is the quiet ending.

In times of pandemic and fear, it’s difficult to ask the question “Is it okay to die?” or “Is there an okay way to die?”

Carlson’s horoscope and transits suggest an emotionally painful end, but not necessarily a physical one. And I wonder if in some way she was okay with it, the other parts of her personality needing a break from the heaviness of her moon/Uranus.

Hopefully prior to passing on, Carlson did find the love she was seeking. Natal Saturn in Leo, which rules the heart, is a placement indicating lack of recognition, need to be seen as special by those around you and a difficulty finding joy in everyday life. Hopefully before she passed she found the love and recognition she needed.

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5 Responses to Amy Carlson: Saturn in Leo Has Won

  1. MC says:

    Love reading your blog, I’m learning about astrology, and reading great astrology blogs is one good way. Though the comment about Saturn harsh transits meaning cruelty or violence is a bit depressing….Saturn will soon transit my 8th house and oppose my packed 2nd house – sun (and uranus in Leo), pluto and venus in virgo…..sigh. Is there any good interpretation, or do I just try and prepare for a ride into hell?!

    • Don’t prepare for a ride through hell! I try to give Saturn its respect in many other blogs. It’s simply violence can be outlet of aggression (Mars) or control (Saturn/Pluto). Your transit suggests external limitations on shared assets. It suggests you earn money in various, creative ways. With Saturn opposite in Pisces, you may earn money using assets/property that are in the public domain & the public will set boundaries. Or it can involve emotions such as what you do being accused of triggering emotions in others. If an inheritance occurs during this transit, there will be efforts to manipulate you out of your share. Emotional others affect your livelihood. Curious if you want to share what you do for a living.

      • MC says:

        Thank you for your reply! I was a research scientist until Neptune (I believe) transiting the 8th completely dissolved everything I relied on, and after that I never had a ‘proper’ job. Right now I am an artist, and also been writing a couple of books. I think if I get them published, I may face quite a backlash – I see things very differently to other people – I have Asperger’s – and my Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto probably accounts for exploring areas many people consider ridiculous/taboo. So that may chime with your descriptions of the Saturn transit potentials. Ah, fun times ahead…..

      • Consider that you have sun, Uranus, Pluto & Venus on “your side” (second house). Saturn can’t take them all on at once. You might only consider if some you care about are included in the 8th house Saturn. I don’t see it as a stopper.

  2. MC says:

    Interesting to consider the 2nd house planets as “on my side”. I never thought of them in that way before, that’s very helpful, thank you.

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