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Amy Carlson: Saturn in Leo Has Won

Love Has Won cult leader Amy Carlson was recently found entombed in the cult’s compound. Avid readers know I can’t pass by a cult story, as fascinating as they always are. Avid readers also know that Ohio Astrology acknowledges all … Continue reading

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New Trends in Cult Leadership: Keith Raniere

During the 2016 Presidential election, my astrological (though not political) bets were on Hillary Clinton (sun in Scorpio) over Donald Trump (sun in Gemini). An astrological analysis of past US presidents suggested that Americans preferred the fixed signs for this … Continue reading

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If you want to start a cult, what sign should you be?

I’ve been interested in cults since I was a teenager, but it took me another decade to realize the word “cult” is simply a shortened version of “culture.” A cult, then, is a subculture. A nation’s culture is simply the … Continue reading

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