Uranus in Taurus Diaries: Talking to your cat about supply chain

There’s a time in every cat owner’s life where you must have “the talk” with your cat. It happened to me the other day as I came in the door and plopped the heavy cat litter down onto the floor.

“You finally found litter,” she said. “How did that happen?”

Where to start?

Should I explain about the modern supply chain and its complex and intricate dependencies? One blip and the entire system experiences a shock wave, like a ripple in the ocean. Would it be too much to explain that each hard-to-find item has a different cause? How toilet paper has low margin and high storage cost so is produced just-in-time (rather that just-in-case) meaning a run on toilet paper causes a toilet paper shortage? How the recent cat litter famine is due to a shortage of plastic for the containers and not the bentonite clay it’s made from and that even though the grocery store keeps offering a $1.25 off coupon the price has increased by at least that much due to low supply with consistent demand?

I could elaborate by informing her that if we all went to the bank to get our money it wouldn’t be there and if all the loans were paid there would be no currency at all.

But that would scare her.

Like many a cat owner, I took the easy route.

“It’s the pandemic,” I said. “It’s causing shortages.”

The pandemic provides a nice “get-out-of-the-explanation-free” card. I could tell my cat that “the pandemic” is probably the reason why the hotel I stayed in recently did not have coffee packets or cups in the room but decided to create, instead, a station in the lobby where every guest could breathe, sneeze or wheeze into it.

The pandemic, I assured her. That’s why it’s been difficult to find cat litter.

Lessons of Astrology

Astrology has inadvertently taught me many lessons beyond my initial understanding of it. The astrology in the newspaper (online today) is personal astrology meant to predict how your day will unfold. It’s inaccurate by definition because it looks at the sun only while the chart contains nine other bodies located in 12 different “houses.” If you happen to have your sun in the first house, the daily horoscope might appear more accurate to you than to others as that’s how it’s assessed.

But astrology is much, much more than that. Our personal lives are less than a breath of universal time but patterns move endlessly.

For me, the major lesson of astrology is balance (represented by the sign Libra). While there are 12 signs of the zodiac, really there are six polarities. The polarities have different aspects of life in which they deal but are primarily “me, you” or our personal experience in the midst of swirling, shifting, changing and evolving energies. Strive not for happiness – strive for balance. The world wants you to experience extremes so the energy release can be absorbed by them (money is stored energy). Balance is the key to maintaining energy.

After balance I would say for me the next lesson is reaction. Your chart indicates what motivates you to act and react. Reaction, as represented by the moon, is a default and stores the past – both positive and negative past experiences. While the moon is viewed in a romantic light, this astrologer is not as fond of it and suggests focus on the sun (Hello Akhenaten!) which represents conscious, directed activity.

The lesson for this blog is that there are no “good” and “bad” planets.  Some are viewed as good and bad because of certain outcomes that can occur during them. For example, Mars is the assertive principle so those under its influence are positive and outwardly-focused. Positive manifestations are bringing one’s creativity into existence, physical prowess, courage and athleticism. The most common negative manifestation is aggression and war.

Mars self-directed energy is needed to simply get out of bed in the morning. What kind of self-directed energy you have is represented by the sign in which Mars resides. Do you get out of bed because you have to go to work? Because you are hungry? Because the sun is shining and you want to walk under it? Because you want to create art? Because you want to be with people you love?

Uranus in Taurus – Volatility in the supply chain

Another explanation I could have given my cat is that Uranus in Taurus is going to create volatility in supply chain for the next six years (Uranus has a seven-year cycle which began roughly in 2019).

Uranus the planet of enlightenment and awareness and tends to work in irregular patterns (aka “unexpected events”). Taurus is the fixed earth sign that rules the physical from objects to the body.

Back in 2019, there was another spiritual tradition (forgot which) that indicated the next seven years would have financial collapse of some sort. That sounds nasty – that’s “bad.”

Astrology is not “bad” or “good.” As a friend asked me about the seven-year financial prediction, I explained that Uranus isn’t good or bad – it’s volatile. Expect volatility.

Will the stock market go up or down? Both.

Will prices go up or down? Both.

Should I invest right now? Sure, but expect volatility and plan for it.

Uranus ultimately provides enlightenment. It’s the time to understand how our tangible world operates. In the US, the availability of consumer goods has been consistent for a very long time which is why the volatility of Uranus in Taurus causes fear and hoarding (Taurus likes to accumulate and collect in the best of times) which creates more shortages. A consumer economy that almost continually tries to create and meet needs has developed very specific tastes in its population.

Lowering costs increases profit so the Western countries have increased their dependence on foreign countries where labor and cost of goods is much less expensive. Yet Uranus in Taurus is also demonstrating what that means when you need critical items quickly.

Uranus enlightens. But it’s shocking. Uranus in Taurus will most likely continue to shock money, property and supply chain as people try to get back to “normal” which is a desire for Saturn stability, structure and routine. Funny, Saturn is often viewed as a “bad” planet but when Uranus blows the house down, we seek Saturn.

Calming the Cat

The cat asked me if the pandemic was going to cause more shortages. She was worrying about her food. I assured her that even if there was a shortage of cat food, we would find her something to eat.

“You’re an astrologer,” she replied, “Why can’t you tell me what shortages are coming?”

Oh my. The you’re-an-astrologer-therefore-omnipotent argument. I took a breath and said:

“Astrologers and economists are similar. We analyze the data and make predictions. Some predictions are right, some wrong.

And whole nation of people in Britain voted for Brexit (with Uranus in Aries) and now are facing ‘weird shortages’ (with Uranus in Taurus). Even if astrologers and economists know what’s coming, people only react when something actually occurs. That’s the difference between action and reaction. It’s difficult to get people to act no matter how many facts and figures you present from any discipline.”

I’d love to believe Brexit is working. But why are there so many weird shortages?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Uranus in Taurus Diaries: Talking to your cat about supply chain

  1. Paula says:

    I’m glad I found your blog awhile ago. I enjoy your cat conversations particularly, and, secondly, I enjoy how well read you are and the breadth of your understanding of current and historic realities. Just to say a thank you.

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