Adolf Hitler’s Chart

When people are introduced to a new concept, they often think of an extreme situation to measure against it. For example, someone might say to you “If you visualize what you want, you’ll get it.” And you think, “Ok, what if I visualize being the Queen of England?”

This happens with astrology. “If astrology is so true, could you have figured out Hitler?”

I’ve watched astrologers over the last 25 years look at Hitler’s chart and try to explain it. I laugh. Especially when they get to the peace-loving Libra rising that most believe is the accurate chart. I don’t believe they or I could have picked this chart out and said, “This is the man that led a nation to commit genocide.”

What’s worse, Hitler has the same planets and signs in his chart that you and I have. We all share the same cosmic dust.

To look at Hitler’s chart, I think we need to put his life in perspective. He’s blamed for the deaths of millions, but to my knowledge he killed no one but himself. He definitely manipulated, encouraged and facilitated the murder of others with willing assassins, which is something else.

So could an astrologer see this in Hitler’s chart?

What I believe I would have seen without knowing the person behind the chart is that this person lacked the ability to feel. There is no water in the chart.

The Taurus sun and Capricorn moon are both earth signs. Capricorn is the sign of the moon’s detriment, meaning the moon can’t do what the moon does (feel) in Capricorn. Capricorn is about restraint, the opposite of feeling which flows without reason.

Nature needs Capricorn moons just like any other moon. Who could keep calm in an 80-story building hit by planes but someone who could control his/her emotions? Who could lead soldiers into battle? Or clean the wound of a loved one who is dying?

There are lots of life situations where emotional control is needed and Capricorn moons step up to the plate.

Where emotional control is not needed is in the midst of murder. Capricorn is practical, systematic and organized. I still feel anguish when I think about how Jews were not only murdered, but their possessions and even their gold fillings were removed, documented and stored. That’s Capricorn moon gone to the dark side. That’s when some feelings help you realize the reality of the situation. It’s ironic that feelings would have given the “reality” check of genocide when feelings are normally associated with subjective states.

I believe I and other astrologers could have seen someone who could be dictatorial in his daily life. However, if you’ve ever worked in corporate life, you know this is not an uncommon trait. I don’t know why we see dictators as unusual when really there are lots of people would rule an island nation if they could.

How did this particular man, Adolf Hitler, become the figurehead for such terror?

I don’t believe that is in the realm of personal astrology. I believe this is mass psychology finding the right bad individual at the right time. Hitler and the Jews were both a projection of a terrible energy.

I remember one astrologer, maybe Liz Greene, pointing out that Hitler’s Pluto and Neptune are conjunct in Gemini in the 8th house. That conjunction could have made Hitler a perfect figurehead for a mass psychosis.

I can agree with that, but Hitler is one of many with this conjunction in his chart. That kind of conjunction affects entire generations. It still doesn’t answer, “Why him?”

My answer would be if it weren’t the man called Adolf Hitler, it might have been another man with the steadfastness to believe in something horrible and the wherewithal to implement a plan of action. And if Hitler hadn’t been the man to lead this movement, he would still have had to find another outlet for his narrow and rigid beliefs, probably those closest to him.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Adolf Hitler’s Chart

  1. I have rectified the rectified Hitler horoscope of Wilhelm T. H. Wulff.
    You can see this on my Dutch website
    Interesting are the progressive aspects according the Dutch astrologer Jan Bernard Gieles his Gieles minus 1 (year) system.
    It was my first rectified horoscope of others on 5 december 2005.
    Nowadays I corrected more than 500 interesting horoscopes.
    Also transits work!

    Some examples of progressive aspects.

    14-Aug-1939 016°,00’52 Leo Sat 60 mutual C-11
    17-Aug-1939 016°,00’55 Leo Sat 30 mutual MC
    18-Aug-1939 015°,44’17 Libra. Moon 45 C-11
    21-Aug-1939 015°,50’55 Libra Moon 135 Nep
    25-Aug-1939 016°,01’01 Libra Moon 60 mutual Sat
    26-Aug-1939 016°,02’23 Libra. Moon 30 mutual MC
    26-Aug-1939 016°,02’37 Libra Moon 0 mutual C-11
    26-Aug-1939 016°,03’27 Libra Moon 90 Drac
    26-Aug-1939 020°,52’13 Gemini Mars 120 Asc
    27-Aug-1939 016°,06’37 Libra Moon * SEGINUS (MERC – SAT )
    31-Aug-1939 016°,03’27 Libra C-11 90 Drac

    1-Sep-1939 016°,03’27 Virgo MC 60 Drac
    3-Sep-1939 016°,03’55 Virgo MC 30 mutual C-11
    3-Sep-1939 016°,22’26 Libra Moon 150 Mars
    12-Sep-1939 016°,42’13 Libra Moon 150 Ven
    21-Sep-1939 016°,06’37 Libra C-11 * SEGINUS (MERC – SAT )

    4-Oct-1939 017°,33’20 Libra Moon 30 C–2
    6-Oct-1939 026°,23’32 Scorpio Asc 150 Pars Frt

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