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I ♥ Uranus

Traditional indications of deceased ancestors communicating to us in the living world include flickering lights, creaking floorboards, “pennies from heaven,” and movement of objects. But not all ancestors are traditional. It’s possible some use the more obvious method of T-shirt … Continue reading

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The Most Charming Sign of the Zodiac is . . .

Charm is defined in Dictionary.com as “a power of pleasing or attracting.” In the horoscope, the first house, ruled by Aries, represents SELF. The opposite 7th house, ruled by Libra, represents OTHERS. Libra is about OTHERS and is the sign … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler’s Chart

When people are introduced to a new concept, they often think of an extreme situation to measure against it. For example, someone might say to you “If you visualize what you want, you’ll get it.” And you think, “Ok, what … Continue reading

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