New Hampshire – the Opposite of Iowa

Iowa has sun in Capricorn and moon in Taurus – both earth signs (based on admission to the Union).

New Hampshire has sun in Cancer (almost directly opposite by sign and degree of Iowa’s sun) and moon in probably Aquarius (based on admission to the Union).

Cancer and Aquarius, interesting mix. Eccentrically shy, self-consciously weird. Emotional with bouts of extreme rationalism.

If Iowa was about practical matters, New Hampshire is really about family and community values. This is where the water-sign candidates might prevail (Romney and Perry) although they will have to play out the “sacrificial lamb” ploy to do it as Saturn is in Pisces in the NH chart and both Romney and Perry have sun in Pisces.

New Hampshire is Water

New Hampshire has five planets in water signs (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus are in Cancer, Saturn is in Pisces), two in fire (Venus and Mars in Leo) and three in air (Neptune in Libra and moon and Pluto in Aquarius). There are no planets in earth.

What does this mean for the candidates?

Now I see why Hillary Clinton cried in New Hampshire and not in Iowa. Iowa doesn’t care about tears, unless they water crops. New Hampshire cares about tears and feelings and probably truly believes all those promises.

I also see, too, why everyone eats in diners with these folks. Cancer is about food and comfort.

Advice to all the candidates – cry (at a diner) and make it look real.

New Hampshire Astrological Advice by Candidate

Today I’ll organize by sign of the zodiac. Aries is first and Pisces last. Hopefully you know the in-between order by now . . .

Perry the Pisces will appear before Romney the Pisces because he is in an earlier degree of Pisces.

Jon Huntsman – Wow, dude, you’re going to feel like a lighted match in the middle of the cold Atlantic. Your Jupiter in Capricorn opposite all the New Hampshire Cancer energy will turn them off. You need to pretend to be ONE OF THEM instead of ABOVE THEM. If you can leave your ego in Utah and pretend to be just one of the family, they might accept you. The important thing to remember about family is that they talk behind your back. They are talking about you now.

Rick Santorum – You’re definitely weird enough for these folks, although you’re going to have to act emotional in public, something you may have never done before. It’s time to activate that Mars in Pisces without acting nervous and jittery (with transiting Mars in Virgo opposite this placement). With your Taurus sun, you like a good meal. So does NH. Have many, many meals in NH and maybe even gain a few pounds doing it. Make sure there are homemade goodies (HOMEMADE I SAID) at all events. Let the NH folks make fun of your added weight so they can feel like family and then lose the weight down south where it’s warm enough to get some outdoor exercise.

Newt Gingrich – Are you really going to NH? I suppose with Jupiter in Cancer, you feel that they will be good to you. Your energy is like alien energy to these folks but their sense of propriety will make them offer you a room for the night. Make sure you offer them a present before you leave so that they don’t feel you are an ungrateful houseguest. Cancer likes to talk as much as Gemini, just don’t do the Sagittarius moon talk about travels and philosophy. Talk about home and family life. Tell fanciful yarns about kittens and puppies and children and such.

Ron Paul – You share the same Saturn in Pisces placement as NH. Your best bet will be to say that you ARE New Hampshire, that their travails are your travails. Bleed and cry with them and act like a Democrat for a couple minutes by showing demonstrations of pity for all that they have been through. Don’t forget to tell them that Gingrich stole the family Bible from the guest room but that you didn’t even use the towels and made your own bed. NH’s Mars is conjunct your sun. They like your natural confidence.

Rick Perry – Ah, NH is a place you can be your sensitive self. No more acting like a tough guy or berating others because a firm out of their control used a laborer with fake papers. With your sun in Pisces and moon in Virgo, this Cancer state is the one place that will accept you as you are and will even tuck you into bed at the end of a long day. Your Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius will appeal to NH’s Aquarius moon. NH’s Saturn in Pisces, however, is on your sun. You must nail yourself to some cross for these folks, but you won’t mind it. It’s your comfort zone. Now you can finally relax for a few days before it gets rough again.

Mitt Romney – NH’s Cancer energy adds the missing piece of a grand water trine in your chart (sun in Pisces, moon in Scorpio) indicating that this is requited love. You are in your element in NH. Your Venus on NH’s moon says that they adore you. NH’s Venus and Mars are in Leo so they are proud and will pounce on your Saturn in Leo forcing you shine more. One other teensy tiny problem is that NH’s Saturn in Pisces is conjunct your Mars in Pisces. Like Perry, you need to appear to be sacrificing something for these folks. You won’t enjoy it as much as Perry because of your Scorpio moon which is proud and in control. Hopefully your cross will match your wardrobe. If not, hang there anyway.


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