Ohio Astrology’s Republican Debate Prep Sheet: January 7, 2012

Good news! With Michele Bachmann out of the race, the remaining six candidates will have more time to talk. OHA’s estimate is that each candidate will have an extra THREE MINUTES.

That’s lots of time to explain how the Federal Reserve has brought the economy to its knees or how to overhaul the entire US health care system or the history of US intervention in Iran and why we should be involved now. I hope the candidates use these precious minutes wisely.

January 7 Energy

The sun is in Capricorn and it’s a great time to organize. Where I work, we are selling lots of organizing apparatus right now – bookshelves, plastic organizing bins, notebooks, calendars and storage containers.

The candidates need to remember that it’s Capricorn time – get serious and organized. Make tough talk. Sound authoritative. Pretend you rule Cuba.

Mars is still in Virgo and will be there until next July. For more on this transit by candidate, click here.

Tomorrow’s moon will be in Cancer meaning that the audience wants some emotional output, they want to feel comfort from the candidates.

Today’s debate prep sheet will be in OHA’s special order based on my preference at this particular moment in time. I choose to start with Rick Perry because this will probably be the last time he’s included in this roundup and he will probably have one question or less at this debate, trading places with Rick Santorum who spent the first 300 debates (or however many it was) at the Siberian end of the stage.

January 7 Debate Prep Sheet

Rick Perry – Transiting Mars in Virgo means you’re still nervous. Transiting Pluto opposite your natal Uranus means you’re still nervous. Transiting Moon conjuncting your natal Uranus means you’re still nervous. Transiting Neptune on your Mercury means that your speech is erratic and unclear (and that you’re still nervous). There are three ways to relieve your nervousness: 1) bring your family and make sure they are in eye view 2) prescription or non-prescription drugs or 3) don’t run for president.

Ron Paul – Transiting Mars will be conjunct your natal Venus in Virgo so your persnickety Virgo air will be out in full force. This energy is like going to the same diner every Sunday and complaining every Sunday that the eggs are runny. Transiting Venus in Aquarius doesn’t mind that you complain about the eggs, but wants you to explain why you go to the same diner if you don’t like the eggs. Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius wants you to lighten up a bit and find a clever way to make the eggs palatable, like drenching them in some Mexican salsa.

Jon Huntsman – Long time no see (很久 不见 in Chinese). The transiting moon in Cancer makes people want to watch a sad movie just so they have a reason to cry. This type of behavior is quite alien to you. You might want to tell a sad tale about someone you met on the campaign trail. Transiting Neptune and Venus are on your natal Mars so the lighting will treat you well – dress especially nice. Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius means it’s okay to talk about foreign places and express grand plans, which is good since that’s your specialty.

Rick Santorum – You’re the new Not-Romney so you’ll also get to stand (or sit) Next-to-Romney as a reward. Transiting Mercury will be conjunct your Saturn. Your natal Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that your worldview isn’t optimistic or expansive. I’m guessing you’re going to be beat hard on this. Your brick-like debating style shows you have some cajones, but Mercury transiting your Saturn will challenge your lack of hopeful or joyous feelings. Have you ever done something for no reason, just for the heck of it? Bring that feeling with you tomorrow. In fact, think like Santa Claus. Make your unique ideas sound interesting rather than restrictive as Venus and Neptune transit your Aquarius moon.

Mitt Romney – Mars is directly opposite your sun so the daggers being thrown at you will change into swords. Transiting moon in Cancer is good for you because your watery, emotional energy will be appreciated. Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius squares your Piscean Mars, Mercury and sun. Like Santorum, it’s time to sound hopeful and optimistic while dodging the bullets. Tomorrow’s energy seems kind of flat for you. Maybe you will be the one-question candidate this time.

Newt Gingrich – Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius on your chart is like adding charcoal to a volcano. Transiting moon in Cancer means that you should have waited until this debate to cry. I think you lost the moment by crying in Iowa. Transiting Venus and Neptune in Aquarius means that you have to say “we” a lot rather than “I.” Transiting Mars will be on your natal Neptune which will overload your mental circuits. Rick Perry’s nervousness may be rubbing off on you. In general transiting Mars in Virgo is activating a T-square in your chart. I imagine a lot of insomnia with this placement. Relax.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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