What is the most trustworthy sign of the zodiac?

While my tuxedo cat, Lacy, and I were looking through OHA search terms (or was it Astroknowlogy?), we noticed the question “Can you trust a Capricorn woman?”

As a Capricorn woman, I’d say “yes,” but I thought it best to seek a more objective view before blogging. So I gave Lacy an “Owner Satisfaction Survey.”

Survey results indicate that I am generally trustworthy with high scores on 1) cleaning the litter box (daily); 2) cleaning the food and water dispenser (weekly) and 3) making sure there is a cat sitter when I am out of town.

My low scores involved feeding, that ever-critical of functions. It seems I’m not consistent with arrival time in the evening (overtime, socializing) and do not get up early enough (4 a.m. – 5 a.m. is the ideal time) and have inconsistent wake up and feeding patterns on weekends.

While it’s good to have objective feedback, I still think anyone that cleans your poop should be kind of worshipped.


Dictionary.com defines trustworthy as “deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable.”

Let’s start with the easy part of this definition – dependability and reliability.

Dependability and reliability are in the realm of earth signs. If the earth itself were not dependable, there would be no life (which is something to think about as we pollute it).

Your earth signs are steady like the earth. The earth does change, but slowly over time. Of course, there are those sudden eruptions of earth (like earthquakes). Don’t make your earth friends angry (especially Taurus) or you will see earth break apart.

Because earth is solid, there is rigidity to the personality of an earth sign. So when it breaks, it’s a big deal. Water, in contrast, is always breaking down and coming back together, as is the nature of water. But when earth has a breakdown, you will probably find it in a strait jacket.

Dependability and reliability also relate to routine, which you will find sacrificially present in the life of earth signs. Earth signs are proud of routine and longevity which lends also to the delightful quality of loyalty. Loyalty and longevity are bunk mates.

Deserving of trust? I do think we trust those whose actions we can predict. Do you give your extra set of house keys to a routine, dependable person or the friends who wants to be a wandering minstrel and poet?

With trust, you want to know that what the person says is what he/she will do. Newt Gingrich, for example, says anything at any time. Mr.Gingrich is filled with Gemini and Sagittarius energy which lives for the moment.

That doesn’t mean that in Gingrich’s heart of hearts he doesn’t care. It just means the stimulation of new people, interesting surroundings and challenging ideas are the bone that he chases whenever it’s thrown.

Earth signs are interested in new people if they have something in common. New surroundings are suspect because you don’t know if you will like the food and if the bed is the correct firmness for a good night’s sleep. And challenging ideas are something that can wait until the chores are done.

What kind of trust?

While trust may seem like one thing, the question “Can you trust a Capricorn woman?” makes me wonder in what realm the trust is sought.

Do you want someone who will keep a set of your house keys but not go through all your drawers? If so, earth signs are good and Scorpio too (fixed water) but stay away from air signs.

Do you want someone you can trust with your heart, someone who will marry you and stay through thick and thin?

Earth is good for that too, but you might feel the person is honoring a sense of duty rather than a sense of love. Water signs, in contrast, will stick around because of pure love and admiration. In fact, you may have a little trouble with water if you want to say goodbye.

In answer to the “Can you trust a Capricorn woman?” question I would ask the questioner if this were a friend, boss or love interest. Capricorn will manifest trust in different ways in different arenas.

While some signs may be more trustworthy than others, we all have our insecurities and act on them occasionally, regularly or frequently.

If a sign falls into default patterns due to discomfort (out of the comfort zone), there may be a breach in trust. With the sign of Capricorn, the breach may be in areas of career or ambition.

If you are competing for a job against a Capricorn woman, then there may be a reason for a little lack of trust.

Trust is in the eye of the beholder

I trust this doesn’t answer the question. The more I blog on astrology the more I feel that our horoscope represents lens (or DNA) through which we view the world and what we perceive is an energy pattern, not an absolute.

My ability to trust you and have you trust me is dependent on our personalities and how each of us defines “trust.” If trust is dependability, then earth signs fit the bill. But if your idea of “trust” is on the emotional plane, earth signs may come up short.

I’ve always found that jealous people are doing things they shouldn’t and that’s why they, in turn, show jealousy toward their partners. In other words, they fear you’re doing to them what they are doing to you.

Any question about a quality or characteristic in others brings up this same dynamic, to me. If I’m worrying about trusting you, then can you trust me?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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4 Responses to What is the most trustworthy sign of the zodiac?

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  2. Ellen says:

    I would say that you cannot trust a capricorn WOMAN, but a capricorn MAN; yes you can. You could however trust a capricorn woman as long as she does not wish to have something that is yours. With other words; if a capricorn woman seem to be jealous or looking at you too much you can NOT trust her. She will from the first moment she discovered a quality of yours that she wants to possess make a great plan (could be over 1 over and 10 years to her goal). This does not make a capricorn woman evil, because she does not know about feelings and are most likelt NOT trying to hurt you, you because of this, you can never ever trust her. Capricorn women Capricorn women tend to tell people how they should live their life; from her point of view. Capricorn women overall do not understand other peoples feelings because they oppress their own feelings so much that they never had a chance to discover it, that makes them very inexperienced. Capricorn men overall are one of the most experienced in every way.
    Ps. Just my thoughts!!!

    • Why do you think the Capricorn gender makes a difference? Why would a Capricorn man have more feelings than a Capricorn woman? Did you have a close Capricorn friend that betrayed you?

  3. Ellen says:

    Im a scorpio btw

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