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If you want to be a famous Hollywood director, what sign should you be?

Do you want to direct Jaw-dropping Titanic movies that Gangs in New York will see in droves with Apocalyptic endings that are famous even in New Zealand? If you do, you’d better be these two things: 1. Dramatic 2. Controlling … Continue reading

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Ohio Political Fight Club: House District 6

Ohio House District 6, from this map, covers about 75 percent of the eastern side of the state. It appears to be the Ohio River East district. I hope each of the candidates has a nice boat. This November, Bill … Continue reading

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Ohio Political Fight Club: House District 9

Since this is Ohio Astrology, we can spread our wings to all parts of our swing state and check in on the most remote of Ohio Fight Clubs. Today we’ll venture north to Toledo, where Samuel Wurzelbacher (Republican) is running … Continue reading

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Ohio Political Fight Club: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the Senate Race

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken in a round of the Ohio Fight Club. Last time we checked in on the Senate battle in this Midwest “swing” state, Senator Sherrod Brown (Democrat) was duking it out with Josh Mandel (Republican) … Continue reading

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Tony Robbins has Aries Within

It’s time to talk about gurus . . . again. Every so many years a bunch of people play “follow the leader” and do something stupid. Let’s not forgot that there are many more people playing “follow the leader” that … Continue reading

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Hunters & Gatherers or Hunters & Hunters?

Yesterday while at a local farmer’s market pushing and shoving my way to fresh tomatoes, I was reminded of the aggression at Cleveland’s West Side Market. While local farmer’s market shopping evokes images of peaceful pastoral life, sunny skies and … Continue reading

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Who is the Gambler of the Zodiac?

Until I read this Slate article on financial derivatives, I always assumed gambling was banned or controlled due to moral issues with gambling that arise from gambling’s addictive quality and ability to create financial ruin. The article describes the difference … Continue reading

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What Part of the Horoscope Represents Your “Baggage?”

I’m planning on moving for the third time in just over two years (Uranus is transiting my 4th house) and have an ever-increasing disdain for all material possessions. As I pack and move, I look at my things and realize … Continue reading

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Explaining Retroactive Retirement to Your Cat

I often wonder what my cat, Lacy, does in the long hours I’m away at work. Today I had a clue. The minute I walked in the door she purred: “What’s retroactive retirement?” Clearly she had been reading the newspaper. … Continue reading

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What Sign of the Zodiac is Coffee?

Today I rode my bike to meet a friend for breakfast. At the fancy restaurant, I had two cups of rather strong coffee. I’m normally a tea drinker. My ride home was much faster. As I passed some walkers a … Continue reading

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