Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon

The New Hampshire primary occurred on February 9 while the moon and Neptune were both in the sign of Pisces. Prior to the primary, I’d wondered how the emotional moon and mystical Neptune would play out in the Neptune-ruled psychic, empathic and malleable sign of Pisces.

Neptune and Pisces can bring gurus or scapegoats, mysticism or delusion, empathy or victimization. Because Neptune has no boundaries, the Neptune-ruled must develop critical thinking to create the needed boundaries in a world where the positive qualities of Neptune can be abused.

Would February 9 bring a scapegoat? I wondered back then.

Who were the candidates with Pisces energy? Democrat Hillary Clinton has moon in Pisces. Republican Jeb Bush has Mars in Pisces.

In politics as in life, one person’s inspiration is another’s greatest fear.

Who was the guru? Who was the scapegoat? Neptune is not Saturn, it has no clear answer.

In retrospect I see there was one strong Neptunian element from the Pisces moon candidate: guilt.

Women’s Guilt

As the primary drew closer, Hillary Clinton invited former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to speak at a rally.

Madelaine Albright entreated women to support Clinton saying, “Just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

It’s interesting that of all possible emotions and entreaties, guilt would be chosen to sway the voters. I’m not sure how men were expected to respond; it would be interesting to hear what they thought.


According to Psychology Today, guilt is:

first and foremost, an emotion. You may think of guilt as a good way to get someone to do something for you out of a sense of obligation. Guilt is not a very good motivator. It’s more accurate to think of guilt as an internal state. In the overall scheme of emotions, guilt is in the general category of negative feeling states. It’s one of the “sad” emotions, which also include agony, grief, and loneliness, according to one comprehensive framework (Fischer, Shaver, & Carnochan, 1990).

Clinton learned the hard way that guilt is not a motivator. Albright did not succeed in helping her capture the female vote in New Hampshire.

According to Psych Central, guilt is also a destroyer of emotional energy:

Guilt. Rarely has one small word been so widely misunderstood. Guilt is frequently viewed as a virtue, as a high sense of responsibility and morality. The truth, however, is that guilt is the greatest destroyer of emotional energy. It leaves you feeling immobilized in the present by something that has already occurred.

There’s no way to know how Albright’s words influenced the female voter in New Hampshire. But clearly the entreat was an energy-draining moment for the Clinton campaign.

Pisces moon

Clinton’s strength and determination come from a strong fixed Scorpio sun square Mars/Pluto/Saturn in fixed Leo. Any person in any station in life with this aspect is a formidable force. The fixed squares create individuals with incredible drive who control and sustain the roles in which they are placed.

Clinton’s Pisces moon, in contrast, is much more open, flexible and emotional. Pisces moon is sensitive (as is Scorpio sun). Because of extreme sensitivity, Pisces can be escapist, from daydreams to substance abuse.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Back in the day, Pisces was considered the garbage can of the zodiac as well as the sign of self-undoing. Remaining in states of victimhood is one of the ways Pisces can self-undo (such as staying with an abusive partner). Pisces can find itself the scapegoat, which is a rough role of victimhood and one in which they can’t always extricate themselves.

The guilt that Albright promoted contains a bit of Saturn and a bit of Neptune. The obligation portion of guilt comes from Saturn – “you should” is Saturn’s keyword.

The emotional charge of guilt comes directly from Neptune. If Clinton loses all women lose and it’s your fault.

In the 1990s, Clinton explained her political difficulties coming from a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” While that may be true, the statement evokes self-pity that, again, returns a negative response from the public.

Even Clinton’s detractors would have to admit she’s survived a lot of political attacks and, until now, has survived. A weaker individual would have thrown in the towel long ago. How many of her competitors have survived as much as she has?

Clinton’s Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction is at-home in the world of politics. Yet Pisces moon is constantly victimized by it.

If this Pisces moon is elected president, how will the vast right-wing conspiracy react? Transiting Neptune will be moving over Clinton’s natal moon in spring 2021, about four years into the next administration. If Clinton is president at that time, Neptune will be part of that presidency.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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3 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon

  1. Patti McDoggy says:

    I don’t find her good for women or anyone really. She’s been through too much muck and she should feel guilty. I certainly don’t feel guilt if I don’t vote for her. And I wont..

  2. Aunnika says:

    First time I looked at her birth chart and saw her strong Pisces and Scorpio watery presence, not simply her Moon but the 12th and house placements – I could see the sacrifice, escapism with work, ease at self delusion and minimizing, constant fight for the Underdog coupled with her Drive… She will just keep on going like the Energizer Bunny Rabbit. But if it’s directness, clarity and simply talking about the Elephant in the room that the American people want? Doubtful with all that water and Scorpio that lies just to get the nosey busy body off her tail. They deserve it, poking around her path, how dare they! (Smile). I had a much better understanding of what made her tick after seeing that and also don’t think we will be happy with someone so pleasantly comfortable with sorrow and drama. Wish you well Hillary, where ever you go. I know you won’t give up, I like that, but I really like more transparency – which is the opposite of your very essence.

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