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Who’s More Likely to Win a Duel – Obama or Romney?

After having watched the primary debates and election coverage since August 2011, I’m getting a little bored with this election. While last night’s debate questions (Tuesday, October 16) were good, I’ve been hearing the same questions or types of questions … Continue reading

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Steve Stivers and the Sunrise

My sweet tuxedo cat, Lacy, thought that I took the sun with me to work. I asked why. “Because when you leave in the morning, the sun is in the front door. When you come home at night, it’s in … Continue reading

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Hurricane Mitt

The Republican National Convention starts on Monday, August 27 and it seems an uninvited guest might attend – Isaac, as in Tropical Storm Isaac. When I told my tuxedo cat Lacy that the Republican National Convention may be hit by … Continue reading

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What is the most trustworthy sign of the zodiac?

While my tuxedo cat, Lacy, and I were looking through OHA search terms (or was it Astroknowlogy?), we noticed the question “Can you trust a Capricorn woman?” As a Capricorn woman, I’d say “yes,” but I thought it best to … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper’s Uranus Transit

I told my cat Lacy that Anderson Cooper, TV journalist, came out of the closet and announced he’s gay. She had her usual response. She yawned. “Why don’t you care?” I asked. “Everyone else does.” “People laugh at Freud’s idea … Continue reading

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Does Libra Moon Get Angry?

While my tuxedo cat Lacy and I were looking at OHA search terms, we noticed the term “Libra moon angry.” Lacy asked if Libra moon gets angry. “Everyone gets angry,” I answered. “Even Libra moon?” Lacy asked again. “Yes,” I … Continue reading

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Explaining Romney’s Hair Attack to Your Cat

My cat asked me about the news story that describes Mitt Romney chopping off some boy’s hair in high school. She wanted to know why it is news. “I think the Romney campaign is trying to make Romney appear fun,” … Continue reading

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Republican Veep Fight Club: Bobby Jindal

Last night as my cat Lacy and I were deciding what to watch on TV, she asked if we could watch the TV show with all the guys. “The Big Bang Theory?” I asked. “No,” she answered. “The one where … Continue reading

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Ohio Political Fight Club: Carney and Hall

Yesterday there was a rare knock on my door. My visitor was a young student lobbying for John Patrick Carney, Democratic candidate for Ohio House of Representatives, District 22. Carney must be hoping the early bird gets the worm. My … Continue reading

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Who Cares More About Your Health, Obama or Romney?

As President Obama’s health care plan, lovingly called “Obamacare” which, if Rick Santorum is to be believed, is modeled after Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan, lovingly called “Romneycare,” is being challenged at the Supreme Court I wondered: “Who cares more about … Continue reading

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